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Parental Rights At Stake 2015

Relaxed Mormon Homeschool

I just read a great article by Christel Swasey, about HR 5 and Homeschooling. (She always is on top of things and is doing what I am sure God has set as one of her special purposes on this earth.) It is crazy that parental rights are so small now compared to how they were in the past.

Now, to be clear, I do think parents who abuse their kids should be investigated, etc., but I do think we should all decide together, in each state, what the parental rights are, and what is considered abuse. I do not think a pediatrician should get to say, you have to feed your baby formula, for instance.

I have a personal thing to share. This past year, I was told by a pediatrician that if I did not take my child to a certain hospital at a certain time, that very…

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