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God Called Me to Homeschooling

     I have seen this in plenty of Christian Homeschool books. I did not coin the phrase in my title. However, I can testify to you that God wants me to homeschool my kids. He has told me in answer to prayers once before I started bugging my husband about it, once when my husband and I prayed together about it and many times since when I have doubted. I know this is what Heavenly Father wants me to do.

     I know that 1 Nephi 3:7 in the Book of Mormon is true. God does not tell me to do something that He will not help me to do. God WILL show me how to do this. He will guide me. He will prepare a way that I may accomplish what He has asked me to do!

     If God called you to homeschooling and you doubt, stop listening to Satan and jump in. God will help you one day at a time. You CAN do it! I promise! 

     He will guide you and answer your prayers. He will tell you ideas for how to deal with issues as they come up. However, God will not likely:

  • Bring a curriculum to your doorstep
  • Fill our your day planner
  • Force you to pray to Him
  • Tell you when your child is in Pre-School, how you can socialize her in High School
  • Find you a High School chemistry program when your child is in 3rd grade
  • Make your relatives and neighbors stop thinking homeschool is crazy
  • Teach your kids how to do their part in cleaning your house
  • Make finances easy and pain free

     He will do these things for you: When you are worried about High School when your child is not even close to High School yet, He will help you to feel better about it, perhaps by helping you meet someone whose kids are in High School, who is Homeschooling. He will:

  • Guide you to the right places in person or on the internet so you may find the right curricula
  • Help you find people to guide you, or sources, for good organizational supplies, like planners
  • Listen and answer when you pray to Him
  • Teach you how to best teach your child pre-school, by putting ideas/ people in your path to help you
  • Lead you to a good science curriculum for third grade when your child is in third grade
  • Help to soften the hearts of others slowly and gradually over time, as you are faithful and as you pray for their hearts to soften a little more to homeschooling
  • Help you to find guidance which will help you to teach your kids to do their part to clean the house
  • He will guide you to learn how to stay within a budget and work toward freedom from debt (Search for “Dave Ramsey: Financial Peace University.”)

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