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August 13 2015

Today after showering and eating breakfast, I worked with two of the kids on simple phonics reading. I like that I can teach 2 at once. Then an older child took over and started teaching them to read while I kept care of little one. I worked on the pot luck item for our picnic with other families (moms and kids) in our ward. For lunch, we went to have a picnic with them at the church bowery. They will start their kids in public school soon. It was great to see others during the day! I loved the break from homeschooling! I love socializing!

I have been trying to get hold of the owner of Life School LDS Curriculum. She is in desperate need of more employees, or maybe some honesty. My sister and I just do not believe her when she says she will have our printed curriculum to us on this or that day at this or that time. I wish she were more honest. I am upset. I was under the impression that I would have access to all of these things online, which I do not have access to. She keeps telling me it is a problem with my computer or internet connection, but that is not true. The links just do not work because nothing is there. I feel I was cheated. I paid a full $2600 for the curriculum over a year ago. I do not have access to the things I was told I would have access to. I am frustrated. I ordered a printed version because I cannot get it to work so that I can print it myself. I thought if I ordered a printed version, I would not have to worry about getting the links to work. Sadly, ordering the printed version means nothing. I fear I will never get it.

I also printed a few units of the Discover the Old Testament Grades 4-7. I am excited to use that with Life School Year one. I have long loved Discover the Scriptures. It is a great part of our homeschool.


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