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August Stock-Up Sales! Yay!

We started Homeschool officially on Wednesday of last week. Today is Tuesday, so tomorrow will make a week that we have been at it. We have done L.I.F.E. School and Discover the Old Testament. We have not started math yet. We will ease in gradually and add more every couple of weeks. I have been buying books and supplies year round as needed, but last night we bought numerous homeschooling supplies on sale for really great prices. I am so happy! Yesterday we bought…

…at Costco:

  • 18 pack of Expo dry erase markers (for 2 whiteboards)
  • 250 pack of Avery sheet protectors (for spelling lists to learn, scriptures to memorize, articles of faith to memorize, poems to memorize, hymns to memorize, math challenges, my recipe books, and many other things to post and learn)
  • Scotch tape dispenser with 12 extra big rolls of tape (for taping the above sheets to walls)
  • 144 Dixon Ticonderoga pencils (because all other pencils are made so cheaply that they are constantly  having the leads break inside of the pencil, and these are high quality, made well and very durable).

    ..at ShopKo:

    • 14 70 ct. spiral notebooks (for note-taking, lists, math and stories to write and illustrate).
    • 1 pk. 8 pk. Crayola washable classic markers (I would have bought more but, sadly, that was all they had left. We use markers for coloring pictures in Discover the Old Testament, Discover the Book of Mormon and for posters, signs around the house, cardmaking and sundry miscellaneous purposes.)
    • 5 Crayola kids’ watercolor sets (we love watercoloring)!
    • 1 pack of 120 ct. Crayola crayons (More colors are better. We use these for pre-school, kindergarten and church.)
    • new underwear (They are on sale at this time. Why not!?! The kids were very excited about these!)

      …at Macey’s:

      • 6 packs of 150 ct. wide ruled filler paper

           With the next budget, there will be shopping trips for clothing and shoes. Now is the time to get all of this on sale!


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