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L.D.S. Homeschool Curriculum Web Site List

First, check out my Curricula here: L.D.S. Homeschool Products at my Teachers Pay Teachers store

Next, I have tried to make a fairly comprehensive list of LDS Homeschool Curricula. This is for teaching of Doctrines and Scriptures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and for academics from the LDS perspective.

I have compiled this list so that you will now have the same trouble I had in finding great LDS Homeschooling Curricula and Resources. I am really excited about this. I hope this helps a lot of new and experienced homeschool parents in getting what they need in order to teach homsechool with an LDS perspective.

I am using Life School, Discover the Scriptures and Finch Family Games a lot in my homeschool, but some of these others look worth trying, too. My advice is to try samples of each and see what works best for your family! I warn you against buying a full curriculum without sampling it. I also advise searching for reviews and asking around before outting money into any of this!

Happy Discovering, and please tell others about this resource! Thanks!

About LDS Homeschooling:

Notes About Michelle Stone’s ‘Celestial Education’ DVD (available on YouTube and Vimeo)

These Teach Homeschool Academics with LDS Gospel Lessons:

Brite Music K-2 Plus Values and Safety Education
Keystone Ed by Tresta Neil

LIFE School K-8

Latter-Day Learning

Textbook Publishers (Kimber, Skousen)

Jenny Phillips Curriculum (k-3; 4-6 in the works; appears to be LA only)

Kindred Learning

Discover the Scriptures

Courageous Beings

Polar Star Studies

Building Heroes Academy (k-6)

Learning To Read Using the Book of Mormon

Mormon Little Books

The House

My LDS Preschool

Love to Learn by LDS former Homeschool Mom and now Grandma Curricula kits, homeschool supplies, and guidebooks

Resources for Teaching Academics from an LDS perspective:

Simplified scriptures for early readers (1st or 2nd graders)
Timelines, etc.

Book of Mormon Sight Words Flashcards
Living History Books

Teaching Self-Government


Milestones Academy

Hold 2 the Rod

Moorhouse Academy Curriculum Blog
Resources for teaching One week sample here

Devotionals, Coloring Pages, Scripture Printables for posting & Copywork Pages

Science and Religion, LDS perspective book by David Barker

LDS doctrine to very young kids:

Faith in God Activity Booklets for Boys and Girls made by a homeschool mom
Brick of Mormon

Finch Family Games

Hatch Patch

In His Image (ages 5-7)

L.D.S. Notebooking Booklets (free downloads)
Book of Mormon

Early / Easy Readers

Learning to Read Using the Book of Mormon

Learn to Read Using the Book of Mormon Reader

The Friend Magazine

LDS-Notebooking TPT Store

Resources for Teaching Youth the Scriptures and Doctrine:

2016 LDS.org Curricula
Book of Mormon Study Guide

The Golden Plates Comic Book

For the Strength of Youth

Church Youth Theme for 2015

Preach My Gospel lessons

Academic Curriculum Created by LDS People:

Confessions of a Homeschool Mom

Melissa Cloud’s TPT store

Krista Wallden’s TPT store

Melonheadz TPT store

Confessions of a Homeschooler
Grade-Level Packages

Joy School (Preschool)

Other Resources

A Thomas Jefferson Education

The Helpful Garden (free Montessori Printables)

Facebook group for Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who Homeschool

Note: If YOU have a curriculum or resource that would fit into any of these lists, and want yours included here, I would be happy to add it. Please send me a message! Thanks!


LDS Homeschooling Northern Utah fb page

23 thoughts on “L.D.S. Homeschool Curriculum Web Site List

  1. Milestonesacademy.com and hold2therod areboth LDS homeschool curricula that I know of. I’ve been really intrigued by hold2therod but no one seems to know about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. I do have a link to Iron Rod included. I did say at the end, to please let me know if I am missing any. I do think your wording is condescending. Please be kind. I did not do anything to you. Why do you feel a need to attack me? Does it make you feel better? It wouldn’t me. I hope people are nicer to you than you are to me.


  4. Moorhouse is a private school, which I am not including here. This is a list of LDS Curricula which can be taught from home. It is not a list of all LDS Curricula.

    Iron Rod has no web site and this is a site for links to web sites. Let’s hope they get a web site.

    The other one is a Charlotte Mason Homeschool Curricula, which LDS people can use, but this blog post is specifically for LDS Homeschool Curricula, which teaches using doctrines and history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

    Perhaps one day I will do a post about LDS online hybrid private schools and LDS private schools. I will make sure to include your school when I do.


  5. You have done a wonderful thing here collecting things in one place, thus, making it easier for LDS homeschoolers to find resources. I apologize if I came across sounding condescending. That was not my intention.

    I sent you my phone number through fb as I have no other way to reach you but here and there.


    • Thanks. I will add it. I do appreciate it because I want my list to be all-inclusive, so that people, can come here and see every LDS Homeschool Curriculum available, so that they do not have to go searching for them. This, because I would have liked such a source myself, when starting out homeschooling. I want homeschooling and finding a curriculum to be made easier for the busy moms out there.


      • Lisa, thank you for emailing. The link did not take me to the page so I did not see what curriculum or what started the conversation.

        thanks, Donna


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  7. Lisa, your first preschool link has been hacked, I think. It did not lead me to a preschool curriculum, but to something else which wasn’t good. Just letting you know.


  8. It’s been a little over a year since I visited milestones academy probably , one of my toddlers friends cut up a bunch of my resources from her website today. I’m try to re-print them, but it says the website can no longer be found. Does anyone know what happened to Milestones? It’s been one of my favorite resources and I’ll be so sad if it’s gone.


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