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Utah Pre-Common Core Standards for Education

     Common Core Standards are what you will find right now on the USOE (Utah State Office of Education) web site. This is great if you wish to know what your child is expected to learn, or what children of our communities are expected to learn.

     However, I find it very unfair that the USOE will not keep published, the former UTAH standards (the ones that existed before Common Core came to be. This makes it so that very few have the privilege of comparing the standards side by side.

Have no fear and fret not. I have most of the pre-Common Core k-6 standards and I can E-mail them to you. They cannot be published orused for commercial gain as they are copyrighted. They can be E-mailed, thoug. This may make me one of the biggest threats to the Common Core movement, although I am just one person in a sea of hardworking anti-Common core folk. I am just saying, my simple ability and willingness to send you pre-common core Utah standards to anyone, helps me to fuel this movement, because it gives each teacher, mom, dad, student, grandparent and community member the ability to compare the standards objectively.

     This is like the power of the Gütenberg press. Gütenberg helped people to have access to the Bible. They no longer had to depend upon the preachers and religious leaders of churches to tell them what the Bible said. They could see for themselves! I am offering you this same power!

     Just like you can have your very own Bible and read it yourself to see what it says, you can have both sets of standards, side by side, to compare them yourself. You do not have to rely on the opinions and beliefs of others, such as “These new standards are more rigorous,” or, “These standards are better.” Form your OWN opinion! See things with your own eyes!

Make a comment with your E-mail address or E-mail me at lisa jackson dot biz at g mail dot com and I will send you the standards. I have most of k-6 and some of 7-12, pre-common core Utah Standards and Objectives.

     You are probably wondering how I have these. I will tell you. I am the daughter of school teachers. I was raised believeing that the Utah Standards and Objectives were very important, because of who my parents were. Before my oldest child went to kindergarten, I wanted to have the kindergartne standards so that I would be able to give her a good pre-school education. I found them on the USOE web site and downloaded them. I printed them out. I used it as a checklist for my daughter.

I continued to do this every year, and eventually decided to download all of it, just so I would not have to keep going to the web site. I also started re-designing them in In-Design because I am a graphic designer and wanted them to be visually easier to understand and read.

     Because of this, I am now writing math standards. I started with the Utah pre-common core math standards, but have moved things around grade levels, changed things, added in some Piaget, Vygotsky, Montessori and Constance Kamii ideas and standards. I hav also added in things from what I have seen as my childrens’ abilities at each age, things I think are important for them to learn at each level, things I learned at each age (80’s and 90’s standards) and things I have seen in different books. Now what I have is far from the original Utah Standards. I will eventually publish it. I am so excited! I have even changed the arrangement to be more conducive to homeschooling. It is so exciting!


3 thoughts on “Utah Pre-Common Core Standards for Education

  1. Thank you for fighting Common Core and speaking out about it. When I tried to educate my sister about it, she went to the USOE website and bought into all their ravings about it. And that was the end of the issue as far as she was concerned. Sad.

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