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LDS General Conference Notes Oct. 2015

My notes.
I do not have all talks here.I have not included General Womens Session, either. 

These are just the ones I happened to take notes on. During part of the Conference, I was not taking notes, but listening. I will have to go watch it all again. I am positive I have missed a lot!

Constant companionship of the Spirit needed. We must have it constantly to not be deceived. As you ovpbey promptings, you will be prompted more and more until you have the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Do not think leaders hiding things from you and go in search of secrets. Go to basics of gospel if wavering. Follow counsel of Apostles and Prophet. Trust them. When you have a stronger testimony, you will be able to understand deeper things.

Covenant-keeping women need to have love, faith and devotion to husband and the Lord. Women who can spot deceptin in all its forms, needed. 

Sabbath day rest, have love for the Lord at church and at home all of Sabbath day.

Mothers are so important.

Quote from Elder Hales: “When you cannot do what you have always one, you only do what is most important.” Inability to do many things can help us focus on a few things which are more important.

Have our lives in “ship shape.” Always be temple worthy. Self-Control is like a muscle. Excercising self-control helps us to be stronger spiritually for other things in the future. Our conduct and appearance need to reflect Jesus Christ. Honoring the Sabbath strengthens the family. 

We do not seek converts to the church, but to Christ. The church is just the structure that supports converts to Christ. He explained why we need the church, and cannot just be spiritual, without the church.
Marriot (YW counselor)

Life does not end after death–It goes on. Ask in prayer what Heavenly Father wants you to do. Then ask, “Is there more?” Forget “my way.” Love “His way” more than my own agenda.
Lawrence (70)

Personal revelation: “What lack I yet?” Holy Ghost will give us customized advice when nobody else will tell us. Holy Ghost works with us at our own speed, line upon line. “What is keeping me from progressing?” Direction is more important than speed.
Viñas (70) 

Arriving to sacrament meeting late not a good way to honor the sabbath. Peace comes via repentence.
Foster (70)

Lead, guide, and walk beside your own children (and grandchildren). Remember when you were their age. Tell them what comes next. Give advice. Help them. Tell them you are there for them when they need you.
Standfill (70)

Follow the Light of Christ. Why would we listen to faceless people in the great and spacious building and ignore those who genuinely love us? Remember past spiritual experiences. Receive light brighter and brighter until the perfect day. The Holy Ghost’s light will become brighter for the righteous as the wickedness of the world increases.
Durrant (70)

1. save money every week

2. “ponderize” (memorize and ponder) a new scripture every week.
Keetch (70)

Parable! The surfers kept complaining about a barrier which kept them from enjoying themselves. Then guard let them look through binoculars. There were dorsal fins in the water that surfers had not been able to see with their naked eyes (which the guard had always seen). Spiritual barriers are there for our safety and protection. Apostles and Prophets can see things we cannot see. If we heed their counsel, we will be protected from harm.
Stephens (RS counselor)

1. I need to trust in God’s eternal plan for me. God puts me in a confining seatbelt (commandments) because He loves me. 

2. The Atonement is essential to eternal life. Love God. Love neighbor. Sacrament.

3. Keep commandments

4. Trust the Prophets.
Haynie (70)

Parable (True Story)! Muddy hole. Grandma would not let him in. He tried to run to back door. Finally he asked how he could be allowed to enter. She squirted him off with the hose. Christ’s Atonement makes us clean enough to enter God’s presence and shar in His inheritance. 
Clark (70)

People in the meridian of time–in the church. holy Ghost helped them to “see” and “hear” (parables). [Message I got: The Holy Ghost can help us today, to see and hear (parables), also]. Our day really hard. Really big challenges are here for us, just like for them in the meridian of time. Parents called to Phillipenes. Dad had asthma. Mom doubted. Mom heard Holy Ghost say in the night, “Don’t you think I know he has asthma?” He did not have problems with asthma on mission. [Message I got: God knows what He is doing. Do not doubt based on your limited mortal understanding. Trust Him.
Aoyagi (70) 

Be grateful for adversity. His phisical pain heled him to have compassion for others when they are in pain. Physical pain will be removed at resurrection.


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  1. Wasn’t this a wonderful Conference? I took light notes on every speaker, but was glad I just listened for most of it, soaking it in. It will be good to go back and read/listen to each talk again.

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