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Author’s Point of View Discussions

Now, we have discussed point of view. We did L.I.F.E. School assignment pages a few weeks back. I had read to them from books to show examples of the points of view. They were fine. They understood at one level. Today, however, they were assigned to write, and having just learned about points of view, my children were full of frustration, angst and horrible gnashing of teeth. 

I had two of them ask me why they cannot do two or three different points of view on 1 to 2 page stories they have. Writing using a chosen point of view is very different from discussing an author’s point of view. Today out of much suffering and anxiety, my children have learned point of view on a new level–Now they understand it from an author’s perspective, albeit on the level of a child writing a one or two page story.

I have learned some, too, in order to be able to explain things to them better. I have learned that there are the following:

  • First person perspective
  • Second person perspective
  • Third person objective perspective
  • Third person limited perspective
  • Third person limited omniscient perspective
  • Third person unlimited omniscient perspective

I found this great article. I read it to my kids and discussed it with them. I hope that with time, they will become great authors under my tutelage. On a personal note, this has helped me want to get back to writing my novel, which is a good thing. I just hope I can get the house to stay clean so that I can have the time to write!

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