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Interconnected Family Health

Lately I have learned that everything I need to do for my personal health, affects our homeschool. I focused on my health. Today I came to the conclusion that my husband’s and my childrens’ health contributes to the success of our homeschool, too. I also decided that all of us can influence everyone else’s health. I observed that each aspect of health also affects every other aspect of health. 

Important are Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, Mental, Social and Financial Health. Each aspect of Health is intertwined with each other aspect of Health. Each family member’s health is interconnected with the health of each individual in our family. The things each individual does, contributes to or takes away from the good health of the family’s whole health.

I came up with a plan to make task lists daily for each family member which will help us all improve our personal healths, our interpersonal healthiness and our overall family health. It has been working well so far today.

For me, this blog post is great for my mental health today. This will contribute to the mental health of the family, as well. I am so excited for this personal mothering breakthrough. It is for me a great discovery!

I hope it will benefit your family to ponder this!


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