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A Grandparent’s Guide to Homeschooled Grandkids: What to Maybe Expect or Maybe Not Expect

Grandparents, I am sure you may have expectations and lack of them, about your homeschooled grandkids. Sometimes, you may be wrong. Herer is a guide to help you.

Some homeschool families keep track of grade levels. Some do not. All families will know what age their child is. I do keep track of what grade my children are in. 

Do not assume that your homeschooled grandkids will get grades. Some locations require grading. Some do not. Some parents believe in it. Some do not. I, for one, do not give my kids grades. The homeschool teacher will for sure know what the child knows, how well the child knows it, what the child is learning and how the child is improving. 

Your homeschooled grandchildren may take tests and they may not. This is the decision of the homeschool parents. I know many homeschoolers who give their kids tests. I do not. If there is a test, we treat it just like a worksheet here in our home. If my kids complete a math worksheet quickly and correctly, I know they understand it. If I give them some concept for a whole week and they always do it quickly and correctly without asking for help, I know they have masterd the concept. A test is not necessary because I see what their level of understanding is, every time they do an assignment.

Your homeschooled grandkids may earn awards in homeschool or at local group homeschooling events, but the greatest likelihood is that the homeschooled grandkids will not get awards. This does not mean your grandchild is not amazing in some way. Your homeschooled grandchild will not get a ribbon for perfect attendance, an accredited diploma or a Grade Point Average. This child will get chances to show exceptionalism, uniqueness, gifts, talents and improvements. Please notice.

Please, I beg you, PLEASE do not say, “It is too bad you cannot go out and make friends!” Please do NOT assume that because your grandkids do not go to public school, that they do not have friends. Pleas do not intimate that they never get out of the house. I assure you they have friends. I promise you that they also “get out” of the house more than public schooled kids “get out” of the school classroom.

Please stop thinking that your homeschooled grandkids never take showers, get dressed or wake up early. My kids are usually awake by 7 a.m., without an alarm clock. They simply have the desire to wake up because life is so good. Now, when we happen to stay up until 10 p.m. or later, they do sleep in until 8 or 9. This is indeed a benefit to homeschooling.

I have also heard said that homeschooled kids do not learn responsibility, are not prepared to “get a real job” are rarely challenged and do not learn to work for what they get. These are all is very far from true. 

Please do not think that your homeschooled grandkids do not learn about other cultures or people with other religious beliefs because they are not in public school. Even if they are learning a religious curriculum, they meet other homeschool families from different belief systems, cultures and backgrounds. The main difference is, they actually get to go into the houses of the other cultures and eat of the food from the other cultures right in the homes of the people of other cultures. They do not learn these things only from seeing someone of another race their same age sitting beaide them in a school classroom.

Do not think that in homeschool, your grandkids will be learning the same things or learning things in the same order, as do other kids. My kids, for example, have to date learned about a great many things that public schooled kids will not learn until they become adults, graduate, and go out into “the real world,” because my kids are already living in “the real world.” When my kids turn 3 or 4 or 5, they do not leave “the real world” to go into a public school environment. They stay in “the real world” with me, their mom, as their guide. My kids do not know many things that kids their age who are in public school DO know, either. That is fine, because they will eventually learn it. They may learn it when they are children, or may learn it later, when they become adults.

Please do not think that we homeschool moms lock our kids up in a tower like the witch did to Rapunzel in the Disney movie “Tangled.” This is far from true. In fact, my kids and I think it is quite hilarious when someone tells us about the cultural assembly or field trip that my child missed out on because he or she is not in public school. We think it is funny because of all the cultural events and field trips that my kids get. I assure you that your homeschooled grandkids get more of these than public schooled kids.

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