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ESEA (ESSA) Bi-Partisan Re-Write Agreement is NOT What the Summary Will Tell You It Is

U.S. Senators:
December 2, please vote against the ESEA re-write which will have been created BEHIND CLOSED DOORS (not open to the public or to you). Let me explain why I am against it. There are a few reasons.
Although nobody can read it yet, I know which bills (ideas) are merging, so these are what I think will be happening in the bill:

1. It will solidify the College and Career Readiness Standards agreed upon by many states (which is the Common Core and anything named by any name which is actually based upon the Common Core) as something more accepted as “Constitutional” even though Education, according to Constitutional Ammendment X, is reserved for the individual states to be in charge of–Education should NOT be under Federal, but under State jurisdiction.

2. It will solidify Data Mining as normal and no big deal in yet another bill. HIPPA privacy laws are already “out the window” because the state (and therefore Federal) government and anyone who needs to use the data (private companies, etc.) can access and share any collected data without parental consent. Data will be collected about students It does the same with testing.

3. It will make Pre-School a program paid for by the Federal Government and we will be taxed for it. This will likely push kindergarten into compulsory status AND it will make it so kids will have data collected on them when they are only 4 or 5 years old.

4. There is no time for Senate and House to actually read the bill, let alone time for the general public to read it. This should not be written in secret and brought out right before the vote with a biased “summary” being presented. Please, do not trust the biased summary. I know you can close yourself in your office and read this bill all the way through. Please do so! If you don’t have time, then please vote against it simply on the grounds that you were not given enough time to read it before the vote.

5. My final reason: I do not want Karl-Marx-based Government here in the United States of America. Russia, China and other communist countries are NOT good models for us, whether Harvard and Stanford Socialist propoganda say so or not. I want kids to get the chance to live their dreams.

This is what I mean by that: 

Say the Federal Government decides 50% of the kids need to work in automated jobs, 10% need to be in the medical field, 10% need to be in STEM jobs, 2% need to be teachers, and so on and so forth. Then they get data on each child. This child “J” has the dream to be an inventor, but her test scores, psychological profiling, medical history and so forth, show that it would be best for the community, for her to work in the fast-food industry as cashier or a cook. Millions of kids like this child “J” will be told they cannot live their dreams. In fact, no kids will be able to live a dream they would come up with on their own. Their “dreams” will be to work in the careers the Federal Government wants them to work in. 
My dad told me years ago that this was what was sad about watching the Olympics in the 80s. He said, in Russia, China and other Karl-Marx-government-based countries ike them, these cute little girls and these young men were told when they were 5, that they were chosen to server their country as gymnasts–and they did not get to choose that path. He said, “look, these U.S. girls and boys got to choose that they wanted to do gymnastics. They do it because they want to, because they love it!”

This is the reason for my “inflammatory” words: I do NOT want ANY U.S. gymnast to be a U.S. Gymnast because he or she was “chosen to serve” their country in this way. I want U.S. Gymnasts who are there because it is their love, their dream, their passion!

Sincerely, Lisa Christensen Jackson

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