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Ready to Read!

My son is ready to learn to read because he sees me teaching his big brother to read. This is exciting but it makes me nervous. I have been on pinterest pinning things about teaching letter sounds with lowercase letters. I am enthused about going to the file cabinet to find the Montessori letter sounds activities. I need to soon find little 3-d objects so he can do 3-d Montessori letter sounds activities. 

This makes me feel overwhelmed a little, too. I homeschool many kids and here is a new one ready to learn to read. Now I will have many things to tach yet another homeschooler. It is not that I have not already been helping him learn. It is just that learning to read is a big, important growth step in learning.

At the same time, I am nervous that my eldest child will be a high-school aged kid this coming fall. The more homeschoolers, the merrier, and seeing her become an adult is beautiful. Nevertheless, it makes me nervous. How have ai done? Have ai taught her well? Is she ready for the big world of adult life? What shall I make sure she is taught before she is an adult?


2 thoughts on “Ready to Read!

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