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Unschooling When Most of Us Are Sick

What is a typical sick day like in homeschool when most of the family is sick? To say it is more relaxed would be the truth. Are there nasty things that have to be done, though, even when you are sick? Why, yes.

I did have to take my child to a class this week. I also had to return books at the library and pick new ones up. We still have to read the next book and the next, and most especially when we are sick!

Other than that, it is not really tough. It’s tough dealing with the symptoms. It just is not tough for kids (and parents) to keep right on learning while sick. One thing was different that I would say is because of the illnesses. One child wanted to learn about breathing–what it looks like inside the body, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the muscular system and the skeletal system. That was definitely because of the illness. Poor kid.


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