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Given a Prominent Place in the Nursery

We are sick, which caused me to awake in these wee hours, like a crazy woman, to sanitize everything! Yes, I got out the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes and got many things wiped. Guess why!

I realized while lying in bed that I give a free pass to library books and dvd’s. They get:

1) Right into my sick kids’ hands and coughed all over constantly for anywhere from a week to a month. I am going to do everyone a favor and Clorox Wipe them before we return them. 

2) Into a prominent place in the nirsery and each child’s bedroom, to be touched right before bed, right when waking and right before naptime (times when we touch our eyes a lot).

3) Touched right before eating without a wash of the hands.

Ahhhhh! I have not thus far been much of a “germ-o-phobe” but this may drive me to become one!

I have decided we will be sanitizing library items (books, dvd’s and anything else)  before using them and before returning them from now on!


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