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I Ate the Vegan Black Bean Burger at Scrud’s Restaurant in Utah

I just ate at this place called Scrud’s in Utah and they had a great Vegan Black Bean Burger. I was told the bun is even vegan. I had tomato, lettuce, pickles and avocado on it. I had the side salad “with no cheese and no bacon.” I did not have fries. The black bean burger does not touch a grill or a fryer, but everything that does (fries, other burgers, etc.) comes in contact with LARD, FYI. Ask for a bun with no butter, too. I had to ask for one after they had brought me one with butter on it.

Anyway, it was a BIG, tasty vegan black bean burger! It did not taste dry like the one at Wendy’s. It had corn, green peppers and tomatoes chopped up in it. The beans seemed very fresh. They were not formed into a compact, had been frozen, type “patty” of beans. It is a huge chunk-bunch of fresh, delicious, moist, juicy mixture spread onto the bun. It is 10 times better than the (expensive) cheap, low quality, dry, tiny black bean burger at Wendy’s, so please go to Scrud’s instead of Wendy’s if you want to be more pleased!

Of course, if you want to encourage Wendy’s, at least try theirs once. Then tell them it is great but just costs too much for the value given. Just keep in mind that we do buy dried beans and cook them so we know they do not cost very much. We are willing to pay over $4.00 for this child-sized sandwich to test it and make other reataurants also wish to put out vegan items. However, on a regular basis, we are not going to run in, to pay over $4 for a sandwich that leaves us hungry. We are aware that beans do not cost much. I am positive Wendy’s buys dried beans in bulk to make these. Granted, I know that hiring expensive dieticians and chefs, patenting a new black bean burger and getting it PETA approved cannot be easy or cheap. I will give you that, Wendy’s.

Scrud’s is a small chain with 4 restaurant locations and it is kicking Wendy’s butt on this, though. Come on, Wendy’s. You can do better than that with all the money you have! Don’t let a tiny chain beat you in the butt and make you look, well, “cheap.”

5 thoughts on “I Ate the Vegan Black Bean Burger at Scrud’s Restaurant in Utah

  1. I have a feeling Wendy’s… .and other chains…. use the frozen bean or veggie burgers that are like Boca or Morningstar. They must be in a partnership with someone. Although Morningstars veggie burger has dairy products in it. You can usually tell by the way they are shaped. They are perfectly round and flat. When I get a veggie or bean burger from a restaurant I can tell when it’s actually something the restaurant made or not. I’ve had plenty of Boca and other frozen veggie/bean burgers. I know what they look like and I know what they taste like.


    • Wendy’s actually did make their own original creation. They hired chefs to create it, tested it, and so forth. It did not “take” in my area because whenever I went and asked for one, they were out of stock. Red Robin also created their own original, although for years, they used vegan Boca and Gardenburgers. Restaurants that are large chains are starting to figure out how much they can save making their own. I have head McDonald’s is also testing their very own vegan burger.


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