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Zika Babies: Smile, Talk, Kiss, Rock, Sing, Hold, Love

Eugenics is an evil idea cooked up by evil people (The Fabians). Do not fall for the eugenics lies. These Zika fetuses have the right to live. Their mothers have the right to kiss them, rock them, hold them, laugh with them, look in their eyes, sing to them and love them for as long as these babies can live.

This whole idea that because they are not perfect in body, they should not live, is very wrong. I know Jesus would let these fetuses live. He would not tell these women to abort their fetuses.

This is a twisted world, that lets people feel o.k. about the abortion of fetuses with CERTAIN DEFECTS. It is a very Satan-pleasing idea, that healthy, perfect fetuses should live and that fetuses with unusually small heads should not live.

¡Dejar de vivir tus bebes en útero, madres de Suduamerica! Guarde tu oportunidad de tener un bebé especial, mandado de Dios para ti. No escuche a los que creen que un bebé de cuerpo fisico perfecto debe vivir y que el bebé de cuerpo con cabeza muy chico no debe vivir. Es doctrina de Satanás y no de Jesucristo. Tome a tu bebé. Guárdelo. Deféndelo. Bésalo. Cante a tu bebe. Dale sonrisas. Es tu bebé. No importa tanto el cuerpo como al espíritu. Dios te mandó un espíritu especial.

Article: The United Nations pushes to legalize abortion in South America

These women in South America need financial assistance from good people. They need community members willing to serve by maybe holding the baby to soothe the baby so the mom can have a break sometimes. Please help instead of telling them to give up their babies.

Petition: Stop using Zika virus as excuse to push abortion!

6 Weird Things About Zika That Don’t Add Up



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