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10 Reasons to Consider Changing What it is You Do “On the Side”

I am a homeschool mom with many kids now, of high school to preschool age. I ran my own graphic design business successfully for 8 years. I enjoyed 
and it was good, but I felt like homeschool was much more my passion and that we did not need the money from my business anymore. It took up too much time. It took too much time from homeschooling and being a mom. I quit and I am so happy to be free! Now my side things are writing my blog and writing books. One is a curriculum guide for homeschool. One is a young adult religious paranormal novel. One is a book about homeschooling. These are better for me because there are no pressures or deadlines and they are more related to homeschooling.

Here are 10 reasons to consider changing what you do “on the side:”

  1. You are on the “job” or the computer too much and, because of this, are telling your kids “not right now” at least one time a day (more than one time a day, even a bigger reason).
  2. Your marketing takes up more time than actually doing what you love.
  3. You are spending too much money or spending more than you earn (is it putting you in debt?)
  4. You miss going to the park or on fun family outings. Your husband does these with the kids so you can work.
  5. Your kids think you love your “money earning side job” more than you love them.
  6. You keep reminding yourself that it is only like this now so that later it won’t have to be so tough. (It is true, BUT this child will not be this age EVER AGAIN! You don’t get a re-do on this year of his or her life, later, if you have regrets.)
  7. Your child has more of a connection with the t.v. characters he or she loves than with YOU; Your child asks for a t.v. show instead of for you to read to him, when he is bored or upset.
  8. Your child often gets her own snack because she knows there is no chance you will feed her that snack. 
  9. You find your child making drawings of you on the computer or iPad, busy and not very responsive to her (sadly, this is from my real life).
  10. You talk to your clients and customers more often than you talk to your parents, children, spouse or siblings.

If you meet what you think is enough of these criteria, either figure out a way to stop these bad things from happening or figure out something to do that is more flexible for raising children.


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