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30 Simple Requests the Evil Eugenics Elitists Ask of You

There are some things you can do to help your community and your world. This list will be a great start.

  • Forget your family.
  • Forget God.
  • Forget the whole “Bible” thing. 
  • Forget your culture. Your culture is upsetting everyone.
  • Having Opinions makes you dumb.
  • Be smart. The things you learn in school are all the rage. 
  • Cooperate. Get along with everyone. Make everyone feel comfortable.
  • The community comes first. The needs of the community are the important things.
  • A good citizen is a person who helps the community. Your community is your family.
  • A good citizen tattles.
  • Die. There are too many of you.
  • Stop having babies. Abortion is available. Do it.
  • Go work in a job which helps build our corporations. Your community needs you!
  • Nobody who is not of the perfect race and who is lacking a perfect body, should live.
  • Moms need to be in the workforce. We will raise the kids. Don’t worry. That is our job anyway, not mom’s.
  • Kids, your parents hate you. Hate them back.
  • Kids, your siblings hate you. Hate them back.
  • Kids, grandparents and great-grandparents are boring. Don’t listen to them. They know nothing.
  • Kids, history is in the past. Concern yourself not with the past, but with your own personal future.
  • Kids, what career will be the perfect fit for you? How can you best help us?
  • Parents, what can you do to prepare your kids to take their helpful places in our society? Prepare your kids for a career!
  • Parents, what test scores and grades are your kids getting? Grades and test scores are the most important parts of your child’s success.
  • Your lives are all about working for us, in corporations. Life is NOT about families.
  • You do not have enough. You are not satisfied. What do you want to buy next?
  • Don’t read old books. They are old. Old means obsolete and unimportant.
  • Only trust people with a diploma from an accredited school. Accredited means approved by us! 
  • Wild animals need to be in their original habitats. Don’t worry. Bears and wolves do not kill humans.
  • Those who live in extremely small homes are the best people! The smaller the better! 
  • Those who give their land to the Federal Government are the happiest. You do not need a piece of earth. 
  • It is o.k. that people gather data on you. Who cares? You aren’t doing something wrong!
  • The television and the newspapers have the truth in them. Those “other” sources are conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theorists are people who sit and eat potato chips all day. They are idiots.

These elitists are worried about non-violent extremists. The above list will help you not to be one! So will This New American article.


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