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Homeschool Benefit: Sibling Closeness and Love 

One of the advantages of home educating my kids that I love is that my kids are so close. Part of those arguments about homeschooling that some people give are about socializing. Do sibling interactions really count? In my book, they do. The home is a microcosm of society. In the home is where God intended that people learn about socialization. 

Here, they learn how to get along with people who have different ages, needs and interests. My oldest son is helping my youngest child be happy by playing Thomas the Train with him on the floor right in front of me right now. He helped build the train when my youngest did the ASL sign for “help” and said, “heh.” This is so precious. I am such an existentialist that this makes me think about how someday, I will be in heaven watching them, they will be two old men and they will still have a relationship of closeness. The relationship of closeness will be much because of homeschooling.

My daughter is right now in the dining room teaching a preschool lesson she put together herself, to my son. She did not do this because I compelled her to, but because she loves to. Oh! Cute! Now she is listening to an activity song with him and singing and dancing with him. 

I love the sibling closeness that comes with homeschooling. I know there are probably those families that can replicate something similar when their kids are in public school, but I don’t see how the amount of it could be as much with less time together. If my oldest two were in school now, they would not be here with my youngest two. They cannot be in two different places at once. It is one place or the other. 


One thought on “Homeschool Benefit: Sibling Closeness and Love 

  1. I feel the same way. My kids love spending their days together. They have really bonded and I’m confident they’re stay close throughout their lives. My adult kids who are living separate lives now, often check in with each other throughout each week. I love that! You’re right, while public schooled kids can also be close, they are missing out on a lot of time together. By the end of each school day and outside activities after school and homework, there’s not much time left over and that time is usually taken up by dinner and getting ready for bed. Then homework and outside activities often takes up weekend time as well.

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