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Lisa Jackson’s Homeschool ABC’s

This idea came from the post I have a link to at the end.

A is for accuracy, especially in history and civics. Our learning is not trickery and brainwashing by the government.

B is for Books, a whole library full of them, and my kids reading like crazy all the time.

C is for creating my own curriculum out of many different resources.

D is for all the vitamin D my kids get from being out in the sun year round.

E is for empathy. I love that my kids are always learning empathy.

F is for Finding answers immediately and not having to wait until “after school” when they’d have forgotten what their question was.

G is for God and for Goodness. My kids learn a lot about God and in my opinion, are good kids.

H is for Happiness. Homeschooling brings a lot of happiness to our family.

I is for watching the intellect and intelligence of my children grow day by day and hour by hour.

J is for Jackson family academy. We love that it is truly ours and run by us.

K is for the kindness my kids learn by being with their family most of the time.

L is for the Love we feel for and give each other daily.

M is for mom. I am a mom first and a teacher second to my kids. I am not a schoolteacher first and falling in love with kids every year, only to have them move on and go to a different teacher the next year. I know schoolteachers love their students in a way because my parents were schoolteachers. However, I know there is a big difference. I have known my kids since they were born and I am the same mom teacher every year. They don’t have to adjust to a new teacher every year and neither do I. I do not have to adjust to new students every year and can continue constantly. 

N is for how Never Again do I have to send my 5 year old off to kindergarten and hear him say, “Mommy, I don’t want to go. I want to stay with YOU!”

O is for One-ness with God. As a homeschool mom, I feel like God is my only boss. I try to be one with Him by asking Him often, “what shall I do next with my kids?”

P is for my kids getting the chance to discover and work on their personal Passions nearly all the time.

Q is for how Quickly your kids will bounce back into “being themselves” after you start homeschooling.

R is for running around in the back yard.

S is for the the simple life that homeschooling will give you. (I am not saying it is easy.)

T is for time. I love how much more time I have with my kids in homeschooling. I love that I get to keep them and they get to keep me. I do not have to send them away. I love that I see them all day every day. I know people think they could not do it because they would go insane. They just need to try it. It is not awful as they think it will be. It is wonderful!

U is for always moving upward and never being given busywork.

V is for the extra vibrancy my kids have because they can be themselves all the time and can choose their own paths.

W is for wistfully day-dreaming and not being interrupted in the daydreams by a ringing bell.

X is for Xylophone. What else can I put? We have one!

Y is for the yearning my kids have constantly to learn more.

Z is for Zenith. There is a Zenith to homeschooling. It is the journey of learning that we love and live everyday. It is not an end of learning called graduation.


2 thoughts on “Lisa Jackson’s Homeschool ABC’s

  1. This is an awesome abc list! I remember crying as a mom on the first day of each child’s Kindergarten year. I know it didn’t feel natural to send them away from me at such a young age, but it was expected and so I just blindly accepted it. Now I know better.

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