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Homeschool Pie Chart Percentages

I have decided upon a different approach to educating my kids than most people have. I want to focus better on more important things. I made a new pie chart for homeschool priorities. Here it is:

I. The Gospel, Family History, the Scriptures, Prayer, Service, Love & Kindness, Emotional and Social education 25%

II. Life Skills, Health and Preparedness for the Future 25%

III. Language Arts, Handwriting, Keyboarding & Computers, Library & Research 25%

IV. Other Academic Subjects

     A. The Arts

          1. Art

          2. Music

          3. Theater

          4. Dance

     B. Social Studies

          1. Liberty in the U.S.

          2. Politics, Civics

          3. U.S. History & Geography

          4. Utah History & Geography

          5. World History & Geography

          6. Life School Geography

     C. Math

          1. Basics math for everyday life for kids

          2. Basics general math for skill level for kids

          3. Algebra

          4. Geometry

          5. Trigonometry

          6. Budgeting, Accounting and Finance

          7. Pre-calculus

          8. Calculus

     D. Science

          1. Cooking & Chemistry

          2. Gardening, Wildlife Rehabilitation Center and Biology

          3. Aerospace Camp & Physics

          4. Life School Science

           5. God’s Design For Science

           6. Science and God

            7. Science from life and field trips for science

     E. Other Languages, etc.

          1. American Sign Language

          2. Morse Code & Short Hand

          3. Spanish

          4. Portuguese

      F. ACT Prep

           1. ACT English Prep

           2. ACT Reading Prep

           3. ACT Science Prep

           4. ACT Math Prep

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