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Humanism is a Religion

Humanism is taught in public school. It is the religion pushed in the textbooks and the recommended books. It is the religion supported and upheld by the document, Agenda 21. Since the accredited schools even here in the United States are now teaching the way the United Nations wishes them to, accredited schools are teaching Humanism. Humanism is  religion.

This is very sad. This Humanist movement makes me upset. God is real. God answers prayers. He is not made up or fictitious. I am so sad that so many believe there is no God. This reminds me so much of stories in the Book of Mormon.

Humanist Manifesto III

Don’t Say the Pledge Movement

Here is the Mormon Humanist website, complete with a statement that they are even registered as a religion with the IRS. Calls are still open for apostles. Anyone interested in joining as one of the 12? Here you will read that their hope is that in the future, REASON will be the King of Kings.

This article outlines the basic beliefs of Humanists: Ten Core Beliefs of the Humanist Religion

Humanism is a religion

Elder Neil A. Maxwell calls it secularism here in this 1974 General Conference Talk, but by discussing the beliefs of secularism, it is clear he was referring to what they now call “humanists.” He makes the distinctions clear between LDS beliefs and the beliefs of the humanists. He also makes it clear that “secularism” is just a way to build up Babylon again.
One site made it clear that humanism does not require any rite of passage. Plenty of web sites stated that as long as in everyday speech, one does not refer to God regularly, they are probably Humanists. One site stated that one can have a duality, believing in God as part of religious culture, but, in everyday life, not really believing in God, and, therefore, being a Humanist in reality, one who thinks he or she believes in God but who in reality does not.

That makes me very sad, considering how our kids study in school 5 days a week that there is the “scientific theory” which leads to a new theory and new knowledge based in hypotheses and tests. It does not teach our kids 5 days a week that we can know truth in the way Elder Neil A. Maxwell mentioned, wch is through the Holy Ghost.

Addition 2/26/18

Elder Oaks quote flyer

6 thoughts on “Humanism is a Religion

  1. Secular Humanism accepts all religions as long as they submit to Secular Humanism. That’s one reason one of my mantras is “Secular Humanism” is no match for Islam. Islam can and will infiltrate Secular Humanism, and Secular Humanism will cower at the threat of indiscriminate violence. It won’t even know that it has lost control until it’s too late.


    • I think that many will believe in the anti-Christ, who will probably unite many religions into one and will claim he is the Messiah and the Savior and whatever the Muslims are waiting for. He will even sit on the throne in the temple in Jerusalem to desacrate it, and claim he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The non-violent Muslims will likely fall for it easily. I will not and my kids won’t either. I am also sure you will not.


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