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I Awoke Afire With This

Satan hates mothers. He is so angry with them. This is why an afront so big you cannot imagine it is going to aim itself straightaway at that target. Not only are women who sit kids on their knees and teach them, going to be attacked like never before, but women aging in care centers and retired women are going to be attacked with a vengeance. Not only those, but any woman who imagines herself pregnant by feeling her biological clock ticking, is the extreme of rotten in the eyes of Mr. Leader of the Body-Less. Bringing kids into this world? He hates that and wants to stop it!

Satan is sick to death with the lot of them.

He is also sick of women and girls being taught that being a woman or a girl MEANS SOMETHING SPECIAL!!! He is so angry about that! He wants EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to KNOW that a female is a nothing.

That is only one side of his anger, too. He wants EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to know that a MALE is a nothing, too. Fathers and husbands make him FURIOUS! BOYS who grow  up wanting to date and marry make him SO MAD! Heads of families, leaders, PRIESTHOOD HOLDERS who learn to obey God? Full-Time Missionaries who bless the sick and the afflicted and baptize people? He is beyond finished with the lot of them!!!

Here it comes. These things will probably be happening next:

  • A bigger attack on women OF ALL AGES not in careers which do not attack Satan (no teaching truth, bringing kids into the world or helping others do any of the above)
  • A stronger pull on men and boys to disrespect girls and women
  • A stronger assault on those who think gender means which sex one is, replaced with “gender identity”
  • An attack on anyone who knows what is really going on politically and morally
  • An attack on the 12 Apostles, the First Presidency and the Prophet of God like one never before in history

My advice is the following. 

  1. Know that all of the above is Satan’s plan for this time because Jesus is coming soon.
  2. Know that this is not going to be easy because bad things will happen before He comes.
  3. Find out what those bad things are even though you don’t want to. Watch and notice.
  4. Put on the full armor of God (like, YESTERDAY already)!
  5. Listen to the Prophet of God.
  6. Pray like you mean business!
  7. Fight Satan like you’d give anything for Satan to Lose This Battle!

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