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Educate Yourself to Prevent Child (& Adult) Sexual Abuse (and Possibly Death)

These are great web links. Please read many pages and follow many links. Just read and keep reading. I guarantee you will learn something you did not know before and more education is always better than less!

Child Lures Television Youtube Clips Kenneth Wooden 

Coloring Pages, The Mama Bear Effect

^^Please don’t only get the coloring pages. Also read much of the web site! I learned so much on this Mama Bear Effect Web Site!

Good Brochure for Parents to Read

Child Lures Prevention

Teen Lures Prevention

College Students, Even Ones Studying Criminal Justice, Get in the Van with Stranger With Simple Lures (Youtube Video)

Yes. Even College Students and adults fall for lures. Be careful out there as an adult. Educate your college kids. Help them not fall for this. Make sure they know that even if they are trained in combat, they can be put into a situation which would surely lead to death just by being lured into a trap.

Posters with Prevention Advice!

USA Gymnastics’ Child Abuse Prevention Brochure


2 thoughts on “Educate Yourself to Prevent Child (& Adult) Sexual Abuse (and Possibly Death)

  1. Hi! Just wanted to know a few things. Do you have a daughter named Elisa Nelson? Do you know a company named Stuffies? If you do then I would take a look of your daughter is doing on Facebook. Ive had enough of all the lies and intimidation that she has been spewing.

    Please block her too from social media for a while. It will help. Trust me.


    • Dear stranger, I do not know this person you refer to. I am sorry someone is telling lies and it bothers you. Do you know how to block a person on facebook? That will not completely solve the issue. I recommend your looking up the youtube videos of Melanie Tonia Evans. They will likely change your life. She helps people who are abused by narcissists. It sounds like you are dealing with a “super narc.”


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