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Why College?

I have been having a battle in my mind. Sometimes, I work so hard to learn everything about getting my kids ready for college admittance and college degrees. Other times, I work so hard to get my kids the best learning opportunities I can get them to prepare them for life and career based upon their age, abilities and interests.

Tonight the battle continues in my mind. I am reading my highlight marks from the book, “Hacking Your Education,” by Dale J. Stephens, the man who started UnCollege.com (similar to Zero Tuition College by Blake Boles).

Here is a small piece from the beginning of the book that got me thinking just now:

“Why had I felt compelled to enroll in an Ivy League school? I had seen articles in Growing Without Schooling about unschoolers who had gone to Harvard. I thought I would do the same and that would show all the cynics. But is that what unschooling is about: finding a back door to traditional academic accolades? 

“What Astra discovered that year at Brown is that unschooling is a lifelong commitment. It’s not something you do until you’re eighteen. It’s not a stepping-stone before college. It’s an ethos. She realized it was her duty to take the reins of her education.”

I don’t know. It seems that way. Once I started down this unschooling path with my kids and myself, it is hard to understand the “normal” way of doing things anymore. I cannot really explain it to others very well yet. I feel like I am a baby just learning to walk. All the same, something is so changed in me that I feel I cannot go back to depending on others to “motivate” me to do research, speak out, write, learn, experiment or do crazy projects. It just isn’t me anymore.

I don’t think it is me anymore to push my kids to depend on others for all that, either. I will let you know about my journey and thoughts as time goes by if you just follow the story. 

Goodnight for now!


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