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Homeschool Early College / Concurrent Enrollment at Weber State University

Early College / Concurrent Enrollment at Weber State University is only done one way. I discovered this with much research. I know they have even a link on their Early College page for you to watch a video FOR HOMESCHOOLERS about early college, but this is the catch. 

Your HOMESCHOOLER must (o.k., sorry, I have to tell you I am laughing out loud as I type now)—

Your homeschooler must take the early college or concurrent enrollment classes from a high school.

I don’t know–Maybe some of you really do not “get” it because you think that being enrolled in a high school is a normal part of homeschooling, but I just do not see it that way. In my opinion, that means you are dual enrolled (enrolled in high school and homeschool high school at the same time).

I am not a dual-enrolling homeschool mom. I do not want my kids in the public high schools at all, so this whole idea just makes me laugh so much!

O.k., but there is a way for your child to get an Associates Degree in General Studies from 9th to 11th grade at home and then attending 2 full time semesters at Weber State their senior year (12th grade). When they Weber State, they will not be in the “Early College” program nor in the “Concurrent Enrollment” program. They will be full-fledged, full-on college students. When they do the work (mostly) from home in 9th to 11th grades, they will be full-on, full-time homeschooling kids. 

How is this? This is done by a few very time-consuming but money-saving steps:

1) Figure out by learning about your child and talking with your child, what his or her interests are. Figure out which degree program would work best for your child (I am talking Bachelor’s Degree). Don’t worry about the costs or your child’s age at this time. Don’t worry about admissions just now, either. Pretend your child is 18 and admitted, for now. Just figure out the degree thing right now. There are career interest tests online that are free. Google them.

2) Figure out what are the requirements your child will have to meet. I am referring to the “GENERALS” or general requirements. There are choices, such as which life science to take, but you will see in another step, I will narrow your choices a lot more. Sorry! It will save money (maybe $25,000 to 30,000 dollars). If you have tons of money, then, by all means, just don’t heed this post at all–Go with the CHOICES because you can afford to.

3) Search on weber.edu for the CLEP list and the DSST list. Print the lists. You need them. These are lists of $90 tests your child can take to gain 3 credit hours per test. Normally, 3 credit hours at Weber State would cost you and your child $500 or more per credit hour ($1500). I say $90 instrad of $80 because there is a test proctor fee. (I am guessing it is ballpark $10, but I really don’t know).

4) Figure out which requirements for Associates (and which will be able to help toward Bachelors, too) can be fulfilled by the CLEP and DSST tests. 

5) This one will be very time-consuming. Figure out the whole Associates (every class) and the whole Bachelors. This will require asking your child about some preferences, reading the class descriptions to him or her. This, for me, took a lot of searching, researching, printing requirements and phone calls to Weber State. I copied and pasted class numbers, titles and descriptions, pasted them into a plain text file and edited them. If you did not know, I am a Graphic Designer, so then I used InDesign and made it look really spiffy. lol. I am sure you can make it look pretty good in Word if you are not a graphic designer. Don’t feel bad if not. You have important and awesome talents, too.

6) This step took repeat tries to work it until I felt it was at the pinnacle of perfection from my point of view. I had to get it to where it was realistic to the unschooling-ish lazy style we have around this house. What I mean by this is, I did not want to rush in a study plan for any of these tests.

I do not have it in front of me, but I believe that I wrote something like this down.:

  • General Math and Pre-Algebra
  • Chemistry 101 homeschooling DVD and the work that goes with it
  • “Cover Story” DVD series (English Language Arts)
  • various illustrated and fun (made for kids aged 9-15) books about the Western Civilization I test time periods
  • CLEP Western Civilizations I Test Prep book
  • DSST Principles of Public Speaking test prep book

With the taking of the tests after studying for a while, one could get 6 college credits.

Hope is not an evil but a good thing. This is the only way to do the the “Early College” program at Weber State University as a full-time homeschooled child. Granted the books, workbooks, textbooks and DVDs do cost money. Homeschooling IS still cheaper, though. I maintain that claim. (Read my post about that.) It is also cheaper to homeschool college near unto full Associates Degree. You can do it! I believe in you!

Your child’s Associates Degree will be your child’s official High School Transcript (9th -12th Grade) from an accredited school (yeah, a University.–Beat that!) If your reason for not wanting to do it this way (LDS followers) is that you want BYU (Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah) for your child, don’t fret. This will be an impressive, knockout High School diploma to show BYU. Then you will just have your child start at BYU as, guess what—an incoming freshman. (Sorry, but, hey, on the bright side, this child could be an incoming BYU freshman with a job that pays better because of the Associates Degree).  Your child will likely get a great scholarship also, to help you with the expense of BYU.

Anyway, check this out. BONUS! If your child graduates with his or her Associates Degree from a Utah Higher Education School listed by the time he or she would have normally graduated from High School, your child comes closer to qualifying for the New Century Scholarship. The Universities listed are the 7 big Universities in Utah and one College (Westminster). There are a few other details (such as University GPA, # of credits taken in a certain semester with a different certain GPA and a 26 composite on the ACT by June 15 of the High School graduation year). This will save you even more money if your child gets that scholarship. Not only that, but doing this will likely help your child qualify for even more scholarships on top of that one! 

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