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Amexit H.R. 1205


Amexit. It is time for the United States of America to Exit the United Nations!
This is a vote for true U.S. Independence. The U.N. has many laws that the U.S. of A. must abide by. The U.N. has become a government body we must answer to, weakening the power of the U.S. Constitution by its many laws and our many promises to them. For just one example, the UN loves telling us that the government must grant the people rights, instead of that we are born with God-given rights (the Declaration of Independence).

Tell your U.S. House Representative to vote for HR 1205
(To find out who your House Rep is, if in Utah, go to vote.utah.gov and put in your address.)

“Time for ?#?amexit?? I’m a cosponsor of H.R. 1205 to get the US out of the UN,…” said House Rep. Thomas Massey.

Get the United States of America Out of the United Nations: #Amexit

H.R. 1205 American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2015

Side Note: ICLEI, Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are also taking away our liberties and sovreignity. Get us our of those, too. Do THAT by talking with your city council, University and community organization. Those have slipped at local levels to come in undetected.


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