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Darrell Castle For U.S. President!

I wanted to re-state my position. Even with the new candidate trying to grab votes away from Trump and Clinton in who knows what party, I still support and will vote for Darrell Castle for President. Darrell Castle is against Agenda 21 and wants to get the U.S. out of the United Nations. Darrell Castle does not believe in foreign trade agreements which, in the wording of the treaties, trump the U.S. Constitution as the word of law. Darrell believes in U.S. Sovereinty and Independence, the only safeguards for the U.S. Constitution and liberty.

He is a member of the Constitution Party, which has a platform that is beautiful. I encourage you to read the Constitution Party platform.

I encourage you to read Darrell Castle’s stands on the issues, his bio and his platform. Read about his running mate, Scott Bradley, as well.

Darrell Castle for U.S. President Web Site

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