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Homeschool: How Not to Over-Extend Your Family!

I read this post and it was so good! Whether you parent by sending your kids to a school or whether you choose to homeschool, this post applies to you. It is about how there are SO MANY OPTIONS AND CHOICES AND ACTIVITIES, that if you chose to do even one tenth of them, you would never be home.

My suggestion is to decide how much time you want to have as “just our little family” time, then add in to your schedule church worship services and church activities for the mom, the dad, the youth and the children. After that is done, look at what time there is left.

Next, you will have to consider that each child does need some alone time. They need to pray, write in their journal, read the scriptures and think about life. They need some time to rest. They need some time to work on personal goals and hobbies. They also need some time for friends. All of this is vital to their well-being and happiness.

After considering the above, what time is left? What are this child’s needs? Is there time for lessons or clubs or classes? If so, how much time is there? Don’t go choosing too many things. Only choose what there is time left for!

Keeping the Home in Homeschool

Now let’s review:

  • “Just Our Family” Time
  • Church worship time
  • Church activities time
  • Journal, Prayer, scripture study time
  • rest and relaxation time
  • friend time
  • time for personal goals, hobbies and interests
  • Other (lessons, clubs, field trips co-ops, classes, etc.)


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