My LDS Montessori Teachers Pay Teachers Store

I have just added two more workbooks to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. A cursive handwriting practice book, recommended for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades has 41 pages. A print handwriting practice book for little girls in preschool, kindergarten and 1st grade has 91 pages. Please check out my store. It is worth it to register on TeachersPayTeachers if you ever teach kids! 

My TPT store

3 thoughts on “My LDS Montessori Teachers Pay Teachers Store

    • I have one for girls. It is girly. I had it on TPT and took it down because nobody ever bought it. Let me know if you have a girl you want it for. If so, I will upload it and let you know here. Hopefully you will get a notification. I have one for girls because when I made it, I was homeschooling my daughter who was that age. I did not have time to make one for my sons when they were that age.


    • It is actually not Book of Mormon print. It is primary songs, learning about nutrition, day and night, animals, seasons, etc., all as printing practice. I need to make one that could be for boys or girls. When I do, I will post that on TPT for sure. I have 6 kids, so that is why I don’t post a lot on TPT and not often. I apologize for that. When I am not as busy, I do more.


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