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“The Problem With the Moral High Ground”

Leah Torres, M.D., OBGYN, Salt Lake City, Utah, is against the Moral High Ground in Utah. She is against the teachings of no pre-marital sex which is taught so much in Utah. She is telling us that it is a problem because we do not teach young people about condoms and give them condoms. She also is trying to tell us that unwanted pregnancies are a problem, which causes the need for abortions to protect the “pregnant person’s” health because pregnancy causes so many health problems.

I do not know why someone who believes that a main trait of pregnancy is that is causes so many health problems, would attract any clients who would want to go through pregnancy and give birth. It would be wiser, were that the decision, to seek a physician who believes he or she can deal with any issues that come up becaue he or she is so knowledgeable and well-trained.

If young people are taught from moral high ground, then what she is stating is that she believes it would be better for all of us in Utah to be on the moral low ground. This is why on her web site, I asked her why she prefers the moral low ground. Why does she prefer to teach kids to use condoms rather than teaching them abstinence before marriage?

I also really want to know, but did not ask her, why pregnancy is so risky to health and why it is a bad thing in her eyes. In my opinion, whether a person is pregnant within or without a marriage, and whether a person was planning on a pregnancy or not, pregnancy is a very good thing. Pregnancy is a gift from God which brings tiny persons to the earth. The tiny persons tend to bring much happiness and joy in my house. 

Please write to Leah here and flood her E-mail with comments to approve or disapprove


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