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Darrell Castle, Constitution Party Candidate, Speaking in Utah 2016

Attention, Northern Utah Constitution Party members! Presidential Candidate 2016 Darrell Castle (Constitution Party) is speaking at the Hope Community Center in Roy, Utah September 30 at 6:30 p.m. 

Hope Community Center: 5051 S. 2000 W. in Roy, UT, South side entrance, upstairs. Limited seating. Come early.

If you are from no political party or any political party, you are welcome. We want everyone from Northern Utah to vote for Darrell Castle! Come, and after his speech, he will answer questions. Darrell Castle loves the U.S. Constitution. He is Pro-Life (anti-abortion). He wants to end the U.S. being part of the Federal Reserve, Agenda 21 and the United Nations. In short, he is everything the most politically conservative of people want. You may access the Constitution Party platform here and Constitution Party Key Issues Beliefs here. You may access Darrell Castle’s Platform here.

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For more about Agenda 21 (agenda for the 21st Century) and Agenda 2030 (what the 2030 goals really mean), read about it here from the Post Sustainability Institute.

NeverTrumpers leaving the GOP should Vote For Darrell Castle

Darrell Castle on why he is running. He explains that he knows that with God’s help, he can win. He tells us that within a few months the freedoms we’ve had even as far back as the Magna Carta, will be lost to the entire world (not just the U.S.A.). His win is our ONLY chance at true freedom and liberty.

     His win is the only way to keep our nation out of the New World Order. With God’s help and ours, yes, he CAN win this election. I still believe in the power of miracles. I still believe in the power of prayer. Darrell Castle is our only hope! To all of you who are waiting for Jesus to come and be our political Savior, I say to you, was that not what the Jews wanted way back when? Were they not angry that He came not as a political savior? I know Jesus is coming. I also know He would not want us to vote for any other candidate for president and that until Jesus is here, we are responsible for our own vote. We will not answer to peer pressure or political parties at judgement day. We will answer to Jesus for our 2016 vote at judgement day.  If you wish to vote for Jesus, go ahead. Think of a way to explain on jugdement day why you thought He would represent our nation from 2017 to 2021. Maybe He will understand. 


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