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The Great Abortion Push

It is so sad that the evil people who follow satan, the evil elite and any like them, are doing things like this to the people on earth. Satan knows his time is almost up and his hands will soon be tied for 1,000 years (the millennium) while Jesus reigns as King on earth. One of his great focus items now is abortion. He knows the feelings that a mother has for her baby. He knows how important motherhood, fatherhood and family are. He knows he must destroy all of this.

     I recently came upon this article at Utahns Against the Common Core, which is very upsetting to me. A boy took a snapshot of the computer screen during a test, with his cell phone. It is illegal for a student to do this, so he broke the law in order to do something brave and good, which is to let us know that a question like this was on his biology test. It is illegal for parents, teachers, principles or anyone other than the student and test creator to know what is on the test. That is upsetting in itself, but most parents are not upset because they are very trusting of their child’s teacher and think that their child’s teacher can protect their child from things like this (the teacher cannot). This question or a similar one could easily come up on a G.E.D., essay question test or ACT test for my child who is homeschooled. 

     Some other upsetting things are :


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