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The Deep, Dark Abyss vs. The Feast

Just so you know, I did leave the Republican Party 3 years ago, not just barely now. My decision did take much thought and pondering. I know that splitting the conservative vote will not be good for this election, but have decided that the only way to help the Constitution Party to grow so that my children can possibly have a Constitution Party member in office someday when they are old, is for people like me to think of them now. My goal is to increase the percentage for the Constitution Party so that in the 2020 vote, conservatives will feel even better about voting Constitution. That will increase the percentage even more that year. That, in turn, will increase voter confidence for 2024 vote, and so on and so forth. Truly my vote is not for us now, but for the future generations.I feel that we are in a deep, deep, dark abyss. There is food to eat down there. The choices are awful. There is a feast if we can climb out of the abyss, but to everyone, it seems impossible to climb out, so they are eating the nasty food and choosing to stay in the abyss forever. I am climbing out f the abyss very slowly. The Constitution Party members voting for Darrell Castle are those climbing slowly out of the abyss. 

All of us know that for now, it is just about increasing from 3% to 5%, 5% to 8%, 8% to 10% and so forth. We are happy about what we are doing even though it will take many years to get from 5% to 51% to win the election. We know it is the only way to pull our nation out of the deep, dark abyss.


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