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Homeschool With Nieces and Nephew

Today I have guests in our homeschool! Our classroom size has grown today! This is exciting and different for my children and for me. We just finished our Life School Lesson, so now the children are working. My nieces and nephew are playing on BigBrainz on the computer. My children are doing their Life School assignments in their books. 

I think this is great for all of them, so I am glad my sister also homeschools. It makes life a little nicer. If you homeschool and nobody in your family does along with you, I urge you to pray for the hearts of your family to soften toward homeschooling. I hope it helps with time! 

Have a great homeschool day and week!


2 thoughts on “Homeschool With Nieces and Nephew

  1. I am the only one who homeschools on both sides of my family so it is lonely and I have been questioned and even ridiculed. But I am hopeful that my daughters will both homeschool their future children as they both express that desire. That will be nice for them as sisters. I’m happy for you!

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    • I am sorry. That would be really hard. When I first started, this sister that homeschools now also thought I was doing a very stupid and bad thing. Now all of my siblings think it is great. They all like the idea of homeschooling even though they do not feel they can do it with their families at this time. That is a big change from the beginning, when I first started.

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