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Teach All Points of View Equally? Not I, Says the Homeschool Mom!

This is crazy. This is out of control. I hope more people learn about homeschooling and its advantage. One advantage is, there is no push to have my child learn all of the points of view out there, equally. Here are some examples:

Satan Club After School in Utah
Lawsuit Over Rejection of After-School Satanist Club


4 thoughts on “Teach All Points of View Equally? Not I, Says the Homeschool Mom!

  1. That is sick! I also read how they’ve created a baptism for the dead opt out and claim this will force our church to go through them for permission to do proxy baptisms. Well they are serving their master for sure.

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    • One of the articles said that one of the groups does not even really believe Satan exists. They just use that name as a way to fight Christian beliefs and adherence to commandments from a God they do not believe exists.

      I agree that it is sick. It is awful and the founding fathers are probably really upset right now, thinking that that is not what they had in mind when they created the first ammendment. They did not have in mind that every child needs to hear about all other belief systems and then be given a right to decide when they are adults.


    • Oh, and I had not heard of the baptisms for the dead registry. I found something about it here. http://www.baptismoptout.com/press-release/

      The above link als says that group is actually atheist, which means they do not believe there is a God or a Satan. It also means they d not believe there is a place spirits go to after this life, s why they are taling about the ability of spirits ti refuse is beyond me. They do not believe we have spirit bodies inside of us.

      They just do not like people who prick their conscience. They would rather that nobody respected their conscience so that they would not have to feel guilt.

      Even stopping all baptisms for the dead will not stop the guilt from coming. Guilt is the Light of Christ. The Light of Christ is given to everyone, so that they may know good from evil.

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