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What The True Sacrifice is, in Homeschooling

I am going to get very raw and real with all 3 of you out there. Homeschooling hurts. This is the truth.

I have to say that I have so much anger and hurt inside me because society at large, LDS ward members, neighbors, strangers and most family give me unfriendship, unacceptance, disdain, hatred and unsupport for all the hard work, determination, diligence and intelligence I put into homeschooling. I noticed it at the concert last night. My nephew and my sister get all of this support and love that I do not get and will never get. It is so unfair.

I know we are not supposed to covet, but I covet the support, friendship, love and social acceptance my sister and my nephew get that we will never get.  I think all I would have to do is enroll my kids in public school and all of the praise, adoration, support, comeraderie, acceptance and love would roll right in.

Last night during the concert, I just prayed and prayed for help with this. 
If you are a homeschool mom, do you ever feel this?


6 thoughts on “What The True Sacrifice is, in Homeschooling

  1. Yeah its kind of sad there’s no support for people’s freedoms – not as much as you would think here yah know? For instance, even if you weren’t known to me, hey, if you’re happy and you want to homeschool [which is a great idea by the way and wholeheartedly support it] then by all means, be my guest. So many people want others to conform its rather trouble some. They want to put you in a box, and if for WHATEVER reason, you come out of the box, or Heaven forbid just sneak a head out for a peak WHAM! down comes the hammer. Its incredibly ridiculous. Sorry for the rant but just went through a similar instance and it angers me off to no end.

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    • Amen. Conformity is all the rage. Ridiculous!

      I am not only a homeschool mom but also a VEGAN. That is probably another reason why people think am off my rocker. Another is my method of gardening. I do Back to Eden Gardening and Lasagña gardening. I would not think that is a big deal, except it is. The people near me all believe religiously that one MUST rotatill the garden every year. They also believe in using chemicals on the garden and in throwing away leaves! I put the leaves on the garden.

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  2. I have often felt this way as we are truly alone on this homeschooling journey as far as our circle of extended family, friends, neighbors and ward members. The only support and recognition I receive is through my blogging, by virtual strangers. What hurts worse is that many people we know and care about have voiced their disapproval outright. But I keep at it knowing my Heavenly Father approves and His opinion matters more than any other. I know what I’m doing is best for my kids and my family. It’s just a lonely path within my circle of family and friends. I may not know you in real life, but I admire all you do to give your kids a high quality, meaningful education. 💛

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  3. Thank you for sharing! I am a new homeschool educator. This is something that I worry about. I haven’t even shared it with MY family yet because I just know that a non supportive comment will be made and it’s going to upset me. But I have heard from another local homeschool mom how a person she didn’t even know made some rude comments to her about her being a homeschool mom. That would have really gotten to me. My husband and I put so much thoughtfulness and consideration into our decision to homeschool and it was not an easy decision or one that we made over night or that we take lightly. It’s a great choice! I’m glad you blogged about this subject. Thanks!

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    • Dear Patty,

      You must either be extremely new to homeschooling, or have family that does not live close by. I tried to keep the news from my family but within 3 months, they found out. They all live nearby and we are a close family.

      The good news on that is, my sister, who was among those who thought me crazy at the beginning, after 2 years started homeschooling, too. I have been in it for 4.5 years and she has been in it for 2.5. It is great to have her support, and the support of some of our close friends, who also started in, too.

      Even though it is going to be tough and the majority will be against it, some people will join you. It is inevitable. Everyone is either sick of public schooling or has some reason or another for thinking it would be better to homeschool their own child or children.

      I wish you the best. Please feel free to check out my other blog posts about homeschooling. Hopefully something else may help you in starting out on this new adventure!


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