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De-Cluttering: State What You Want A Space to Become!

Yesterday my mom said to me, “I need this to be a play area for the grandkids for Thanksgiving!” She started out by stating what dreams she had for that particular space. That is a big thing I learned from her. Instead of just de-junking, I need to envision what I really want to do wit my house and with each room and with each space. This will help me to turn this into the house and life I love and what we need for this time in our lives.

I was at my mom’s and helped her de-junk one large corner of one room. One thing she said was she just has to get rid of “just a little” or “just a few” at a time because then my dad (who likes to keep everything) will not notice. I have to do this in my home, too. I think the more you have, the less each bag dejunked, will be missed. However, my mom really only got rid of about four feet cubed of stuff. She knows she cannot eliminate more than that in a day, or it will be noticed. I know that I can eliminate about a bag from each room each time I do ot and it will not get noticed. We have many rooms though, so I cannot do more than about two rooms in each session of decluttering.

We also discussed our strategies of getting it done fast and taking it away from the house (to charity or something) immediately and before our husbands get home so that they will not know or notice. She said at one point, “He won’t know becuase he doesn’t even know these things exist.” Amen to that. It is the same way here. She also said at one point, “Look, I gained this much space!” Isn’t that inspirational!

This helping my mom was very inspirational and motivational for me. I got rid of two bags today and took them to charity. I feel so inspired that I want to find more to get rid of. 


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