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My Homeschooling Buddy

I will start with advice  recently gave online to a homeschool mom:

[As you can see, there are no two families that homeschool the same way. Also, it is very much an “adjust as you go along” type thing. Since there are really no rules, you can do it how you want. When a woman becomes a mom for the first time, there is a huge amount of advice given, much of it coming as, “This is the right way. Never do it that way.” Sometimes you even get, metaphorically, “Never sit. Always stand,” from person A and “Never stand. Always sit,” from person B. 

[Just like a new mom cannot possibly take everyone’s advice, neither can a new homeschool mom. It is impossible, since the advice conflicts. The best path for you and yours, you will find by trying things out and seeing what works best for your family and what you like best. Once you get to this point, you stop asking for advice as much because it gets annoying. You will still ask for it now and then, but even then, sometimes you will not listen to the advice you will get because of what you will already know about your own convictions.

[This is not a downside to homeschooling. It is freedom. It is coming from a world of very few choices into a world of billions of combinations and possibilities. It can be overwhelming to take in all the freedom when you are used to institutionalization and control, so just take it one day and one step at a time. 

[Also, make sure if you are not enjoying it and loving it, thar you change it. Homeschooling is meant to be joyful and wonderful. Granted, it IS a lot of work, but please find times to relax and be happy!]

Now I will move on. This morning I had to tell my husband to just listen while I complained about all my problems. I told him to remember tne book, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” and how women just need to complain but that does not mean it is the husband’s fault or that she is asking him to solve the problem. She just has to talk and complain until she feels better. 

One of the things that came up t the surface, which had been in my subconscious mind only, was that I do not know what to do about my sister not living close by and I just need to figure out how to see her more. I miss her. Another was that  feel like I am never going to fit in, in the homeschool world. I just feel like I homeschool so differently fro everyone else. The reality is, every homeschool mom feels this way because every homeschool mom homeschools so differently from everyone else. It is this whole freedom thing and the billions of combinations and possibilities because of that freedom. Sometimes it gets on my nerves, that no homeschool mom has everything in common with me.

At this point, my busband thought he would interject some humor to bring me back to reality. He said I just wanted a clone of myself. Even though it was not related at all to that, I thought for a minute and then the Holy Ghost reminded me of sonething about what kind of a person I needed. It hit me. My husband was the homeschool friend I had been needing. 

I excitedly pointed this out to him. He was skeptical. He said he could not be, since he was gone to his employment so much, leaving me to homeschool alone. I explained how I suddenly had seen things. We have the same vision about homeschooling. We have the same beliefs about what to teach and how to teach it. We have the same number of kids, the same ages. We even have the same exact kids! Crazy, right?


One thought on “My Homeschooling Buddy

  1. It’s nice you are friends with your sister. My husband is my biggest homeschool fan. Sometimes he is the only one who recognizes and values my work as a homeschooling mom. I’m glad you have that same kind of support. 😊

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