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Defense of the Traditional Family: Buzzwords and Buzz Phrases to Look Out For

In the book “A Sacred Duty,” about Richard Wilkins’ work influencing the people who helped write international documents in 1996, we find that these are some words and phrases in international documents, and their meanings:

“The right to reproductive health” means “the right to abortion on demand.” The new push (2016) of this movement is not that abortion must be legalized for everyone and for every trimester of pregnancy, but that abortion is what is best for society in most pregnancies. The push is for women to be liberated from any consequence of having sex with a man.

“The rights of the child” is no longer about a child’s protection from abuse, but instead is now about a child’s right to choose, and about the loss of parental rights (1996). This is now (2016) being used to say that a parent must support any gender choice a child makes and must not try to influence the child one way or another about gender or about “sexuality.”

There is a strategic substitution of the word “gender” for the word “sex.” (1996) This was step 1 to the legalization of same-sex marriage worldwide, in every country. I do not know that every country has legalized same-sex marriage. The U.S. has, though (2016). They have now made gender (2016) not a biological thing but a daily or moment-to-moment choice. One can now choose a gender for each moment, based on the preference they have in that moment. Also, there are now over 150 different “genders.” Nobody is allowed to descriminate any of them, which means they want us to learn every detail about each of the 150.

“Various forms of the family exist” meant (1996) same-sex marriage could be allowed. Now (2016) it means in Canada that (see my post about Canada’s new family definitions by law) a family is a group of people who choose to live together and support one another. It is not something by blood relation, marriage or legal adoption. This means they have taken away parental rights and have made marriage mean nothing legally. I am sure it will not be long before this comes to the U.S.A.

Now (2016), the new family-related buzzwords or buzz phrases to look for are many, but here are a few:

“Person” is a replacement for “woman” and “man” and “child.”

“Parent” is a replacement for “mother” and “father.”


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