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“Mom, Check My Work!”

With a large family, I have got to do what many other moms have done and have a basket of some kind for kids to put their finished assignments in, so that I can check their work in the evenings. I remember as a youth helping my dad check papers for his school students in the evening. I just do not see how my kids think I can teach all oc my children, breastfeed, clean the house and run a household when worrying about checking their work on demand whenever they are finished with it.

My kids like the idea of the check on demand system because they think if they are finished, they should get to go have free time. I get that. They got done early. This is not working, though. I need to say, as long as you are finished and have your work in the basket by this time, I will check it at that time, which will be when the homeschool day is over, and then you get your privileges.

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