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40 Year Old Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with Large Family Trying to Get to a Healthy Weight

I have a large family. I have a large family for a Utah Mormon (not just for a city-dwelling New-York City resident or Hollywood movie star, because their definitino of a large family is not mine). I am vegan. I have been pregnant and breatfeeding for what feels like half of my life. I am 40. I wake up early, not to excercise, but to take my daughter to her early morning homeschool seminary class.

I try hard to eat right. I just barely skim the surface of having a habit of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. I try to eat healthy foods, but it is tough to find time to prepare something healthy when our lives are so busy.

I try to find time to exercise. I just cannot find it. O.k., so I know where it is. It is right there when my husband gets home, gives me the chance to go to the gym, and I hear my preschooler bawling at the top of his lungs about his hunger, my husband says to ignore him, and I make him something to eat, following which my husband leaves and my was-gonna-be-tending-while-I-went-to-the-gym son throws a fit, begging me to let off on the homeschool assignments for the week so that he can play on the wii. The screaming, throwing things and bawling from the torture of the immensity of the assignments is so great that I do not go to the gym. I stay home and my husband gets back and tries go help us through the rough patch. Then I make a vegan dinner for only myself and am too exhausted (and it is too late at night) to go to the gym.

This is just one day in the life of the Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with a Large Family who is trying to lose 30 lbs. and thus reach a healthy weight. I tell you, I am sick to death of all the blog posts and youtube videos I find with women who have 2 kids and send them to school during the day, then tell me how they lost all the baby weight in 6 weeks.  am also sick of all the “you need animal protein” lies out there, written by weight-loss gurus who are not vegan!

“Thou shalt not covet” the women who lose baby weight in under a year. Seriously, the toughest commandment out there. Arghhhhh!

I seriously cannot be the only one! I hate feeling alone. I do not expect to find someone just exactly in my situation, but a bunch of groupies close to it would be nice. A support group would help immensely. There have to be vegan homeschool moms out there with large families, and who also large bellies like mine that have not gone away when the baby is a preschooler!

If you are one and have found this post, please comment. I need a support network of women who know what I am going through! Advice about exercise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

8 thoughts on “40 Year Old Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with Large Family Trying to Get to a Healthy Weight

  1. I don’t have a large family. I was blessed with four beautiful children. However, I never lost all the weight from my third pregnancy and have struggled with my body image for years being 20 lbs overweight and having an unflattering muffin top. I am not a vegan, but I do try to eat mindfully and balanced. I love to workout but I have to schedule it into my day and just do it. I’m lucky to have my own gym in my basement. (I don’t enjoy going to gyms). I am finally trying Nutrisystem to see if it will help me get finally get out of my highest weight. It’s teaching me to eat smaller portions more often instead of three big meals. I’m happy to support and encourage you as a friend. 💛I gave you my email once. Do you still have it?


  2. A support group is a must. Can you find a few other moms to switch working out with. I started going to a 5am workout class with few friends and having support really helps. I have been going for 5 weeks haven’t lost anything but feel good. I think I have come to the realization I will always have to go at 5 or it won’t happen. Good luck.

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  3. Hi Lisa! You should read this: http://www.military.com/military-fitness/weight-loss/want-to-lose-weight

    I think the tips here are more sustainable. I want to lose 22 pounds this year and I’m positive this could help. I don’t have to go to the gym or run, and I figured planking would make me lose weight too so that’s my substitute for exercise.

    The article said: protein+water- carbs+ workout.
    Please read this. If they can make someone fit for military this way, we can too!


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