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Relaxed Mormon Homeschool DVD’s for 2017-18 Academic Year

I just read this post on Raising Arrows about Morning Sickness and Homeschooling, and I thought I would put in my two cents, in case anyone is out there someday, searching for answers because they are sick so much.

First off, I wanted to put my husband’s thoughts in, My husband reminded me yesterday it is not just the morning sickness that he is preparing for mentally and emotionally. He is well aware that when morning sickness is over, along will come other symptoms of pregnancy. He is also well aware that after all of the pregnancy stuff is over, we will be a parent to another child. He said that if I think morning sickness is tough with homeschooling, a new baby will be tougher. He asked, “How are you going to do this with a new baby?” He knows I will figure that out and we have done this enough times that we are quite experienced in this area. We already have a large family. We will just be having an even larger one. He asked the question because he wants to remind me that he is aware that this will be tough for much longer than the morning sickness period. 

I already thought about all those things he talked about yesterday and I already have made plans for how to change our homeschool for the new baby. I was on top of that and have already made plans for the new ways homeschooling will change (again). His perspective is different because he is worried about someone outside of himself being able to accomplish what he sees as an amazing feet (homeschooling even more children while having one more new baby). He knows he cannot do my job. He is just concerned for the added tasks he thinks I will have. 

I am not quite as concerned about that because I have already made things easier when I was nursing a baby. I bought a bunch of DVD curricula with workbooks. I have not used them for awhile because I stopped nursing my youngest, who is older now. I know I can go right back to that. I will get out our Linwood Thompson Great Courses American History DVD series. I bought both the early and the second course used on Amazon to save money. I will sit in a chair and nurse in the TV room. I will have the kids get their spiral notebooks for history notetaking, which I teach them to improve while listening to a history lecture. This prepares them for college. I told them last time they could draw pictures and write words. The younger ones will just draw pictures. I will nurse and we all watch as someone else we have hired (by buying a DVD set) teaches my kids. It is very nice. I learn so much. They learn so much. We love it! When that one is over, I have one of the kids take it out and put in a math DVD by Steve Gotleib. This teacher teaches general math. When he is finished with that, he will teach algebra. When that DVD is over, I put in the next Cover Story DVD. Daniel Schwabauer teaches junior high and high school level creative writing. He claims Cover Story is only for junior high. I like it for high school, too. Much of it is more than I even learned in college. They just did not teach me creative writing in English 10, 11 or 12. In college, there was not much time. It was just one class, and a bit hurried.

I also bought a High School science DVD series and accompanying textbook/ workbook sets called Biology 101, Physics 101 and Chemistry 101. I have not used this set yet. We will have to use it when baby is here.


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