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Back to Home-School Fall Haul

These Pixie and Crayon snapboxes are so cute and so cool! I love them! I had brads in 4 different places. I had other things in a few different places. Getting them all into one place, all neat and organized is going to do wonders for me! I am excited. I got these at ShopKo. They were all just over $2 each.

This caddy is from ShopKo. It was on sale today for $30. What a great deal! I am putting our books for Life School in the first few drawers, making them easily accessible for day to day use. I also got a 3rd pencil sharpener (our first large MANUAL one) for the T.V. room, so that when we take notes on DVD lectures and lessons, we can easily sharpen without going upstairs and getting all distracted by snacks or such.

I got the pencil-top erasers from Walgreens. I got 5 packs for 79 cents each. I think there may have been 10-12 in a pack. Below that is a stack of 18 70 ct. wide rule spiral notebooks, which I got on sale at ShopKo today for 19 cents each. My kids waited in line behind me, sk we got 3 sets of 18 notebooks, as there is a limit of 18 per purchase. That’s just something we bargain shoppers have got to do!

We also got our Scholastic book club books today. Yes, homeschool groups can sign up. A person has to sign up and say they have 45 people in their homeschool group. As long as you order $25 of books each month, they love you. They do not care how many people order. For me, it has mostly been just me ordering. In December, for Christmas in 2016, two other families ordered. Every other month it has been just me. I still love it. I highly recommend it.


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