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The Top 7 Reasons to Homeschool

What are your top 7 reasons to continue to homeschool? These are mine. My main reasons have changed over time. I would say now these are my top 7 reasons for continuing to homeschool:

1- So we can all be together more often as a family and have more family time, more family love and more family unity.

2- So I can teach our religion and we can all be closer to God.

3- For my sanity and to keep me happy; For less stress (including because if lack of worry over assigned work deadlines, getting places on time more often and tests)

4- For better college prep & life prep; For my ability to be in charge of the curricula in every subject

5- Because it is my hobby and my career and I love doing it.

6- So my kids can hang out with kids that are not as mean or rude and do not tell as many dirty jokes.

7- So that my kids do not have to hear about the latest trends or even care about them.

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