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Ogden Temple November 2010 print freshly pulled

“Ogden Temple November 2010” © Lisa C. Jackson


“mr. d.u.i. matthew l. nebeker attorney at law” logo & sign design-© Lisa Jackson Design 2009, © Lisa C. Jackson

I am a linocutter. That means I create a kind of Original Fine Art Print carved out of a thick strip of linoleum glued onto hard-pressed plywood. When I am finished carving, I ink the block and create an original print on archival printmaking paper which catches and keeps the ink to just the right degree desired.

I am a graphic designer. That means I know the ropes of Corporate Identity Design (company logos, etc.), and that I design things for homeschooling all the time now. I closed my business officially in January of 2016. I still have my graphic designer posts on here and you can still see my thoughts and my work. The ability and wisdom are still there. The time just is not anymore (because I homeschool my kids). Lisa Jackson Design (facebook page)

Linocut: Ogden L.D.S. Temple November 2010

Mr. D.U.I. logo 2009

Logo for the Weber County Bar Association 2008

Like a Stinky Spare Gym Suit!