The Global Sexual Revolution

I learned a lot from the article about this in “The New American.”

I am saddened by what is happening. It is not only at the U.S. University campuses, though. It is worldwide.

I really think some things she said in here are extremely important to hear, for anyone who wishes to preserve moral values and freedom. I will definitely watch it again, and get her book, too.

My favorite part was that she said women are fighting this, but “we need men.”

The Global Sexual Revolution is a must-see (or listen to) video!

The scariest part is that this sexuality is taught with this book written by Planned Parenthood. It is a really graphic (cartoon-illustrated) book for kids in many states in the U.S. wherein CSE curricula has been approved.


2018 Northern Utah Romantic Bed and Breakfasts Top Ten Review, Plus Some Tips for Romance and Money-Saving!

Money-saving tips

We used to pay extra for romance packages, snack packages and the like. We have since abandoned that idea in order to save money. Please take my advice, save money, and get your own full romance package!

  1. On Amazon, buy your own battery-operated votive candles. We bought 12 of them. We take them with us whenever we have thesr romantic outings. No paying money for this!

  2. Buy your own bath bombs. Bring them along.

  3. Buy your own edible massage oil (we bought a vegan one called “Desire.” from Amazon. It is from Bring it along.

  4. If you want candy, microvable popcorn, chips and salsa. hummus and pretzels, soda pop or drinks, bring your own from the grocery store.

  5. Bring your own chocolate-covered strawberries.

  6. Bring your own robes if they are making you pay extra for a robes. Most places include them. If they don’t, bring your own!

  7. I bring my own chiropractic pillow for comfort. Bring your own things to help you sleep comfortably. If you need a specific kind of shampoo, lotion, soap or body wash, bring it along.

  8. If you do not like the DVD selection, rend from Redbox or bring your own from home.

  9. Bring your own roses from the grocery store and throw rose petals all over when you arrive. If you want it to be a surprise, then you can figure that out. I believe in you! Have your husband or wife wait in the lobby while you prepare the room for them!

  10. If you have an iPod or some electronic device with music on it, make a playlist for your romantic stay. I swear by this! Our playlist is a list we made for our wedding. It is our wedding music playlist. We love the romance it brings to our stay!

Our Top Ten (#1 is the best)

10 Castle Creek Inn, Cottonwood Heights, Utah

This place has themed decor for romantic purposes. It ws not expensive for rose petals or the snack package, so we bought that. The bed got too hot for me at night. I have a sensitive skin, sensitive to heat. Fancy tech in many hotel room beds takes my husband’s body heat and mine, and uses it to insolate the bed. It holds heat. I had to grab some comforters and pillows and sleep on the floor. The movie viewing was with Roku, but it kept having to load for 20 minutes at a time, many times during each movie. This was extremely annoying. I hae decided I must have a room in which each room gets its own private temperature control. Heat was controlled by the owners, for each floor. A fireplace automatically heated the room whenever we tried to make it too cool. This made us uncomfortable and it was annoying. The jacuzzi tub was clean, quiet and big. It was great. The toilet was in a place that felt like the “johns” when camping. It had vents to the outside that were up high and open like that. It was very tiny like that. It was like using the toilet on a train, in 2nd class. It was clean and flushed, unlike the ones we use when camping. I have no memory of the breakfast being good or bad, so it must have been in the middle. Se got to eat outside on a private dining place up high. It was very nice. The grounds are spectacularly romantic. You cannot beat the romance of those grounds! There are green plants, flowers, many humming birds in the trees, tiny brooklet with mini waterfalls, and swings to sit on.

9 Best Western Canyon Pines, Uintah, Utah

This place was pretty great. The bed was fairly comfy, although it got hot. There was a comfy chaise lounge almost as big as a couch to move to that was not too hot for me. I slept well on that. The food is what is to be expected at such a place, which is pretty good, even for a vegan. There was cable t.v. There was a pool to swim in and an exercise room.

8 Comfort Inn, Suite Room, with Cactus Reds Restaurant, Ogden, Utah

This room is spacious. The bed is comfy. We loved the Cactus Reds restaurant, attached to the hotel. It ws great food for both of us, and great service. It was not expensive, either. I do not believe you can watch a dvd, but there is cable t.v. here. There is a shower/ small tub combo. There is no jacuzzi tub where we stayed. Maybe they have a jacuzzi suite. If they do, try that one. They have an exercise room. They may have a pool.

7 Crystal Inn, Brigham City, Utah

We have not stayed here, but we loved the Logan one, and the Logan one no longer exists. I would hope Brigham City will be as good as the Logan one was. We got the King Jacuzzi Suite, which is large enough to swim around in. It is made for families to sit in with swimsuits on, I think. It is great for couples, as it is so spacious! This room had a couch for watching tv/dvd in one room (bring your own dvd’s) and the bed for watching movies in the other room. They have a desk you could eat on, but, really, you can eat elsewhere. Breakfast is served downstairs in a common room for all guests. It was pretty good for vegans. If you like fruit, they had lots of that! They have a pool and exercise room.

6 Bigelow Hotel (Former Ben Lomond Hotel), Ogden, Utah

We stayed here back when it was Ben Lomond Hotel. It was romantic, big, and had good food. There was a t.v. with a couch in the entryway of the room. The bed was comfortable and beautiful. We could see the dvd/ tv combo from the large, quiet and cleen jacuzzi tub. There is a lovely view of the city through large windows (which have curtains for privacy). We had a newborn at the time and brought him along. There was space enough for a playpen, whihc we put him in. The attached restaurant is too expensive and has nothing for vegans.

5 Snowberry Inn, Eden (Odgen Valley), Utah

We stayed here when the ski season was winding down, so it was not crowded then. It may be a lot different during ski season). There is a place for pumping in the common area, where you would need to cover well. It is not private. There is a microwave you can use for microwave dinners, which we used. It saved money. The breakfast was custom made and fabulous for my husband (meat eater) and for me (the vegan). She even found a unique recipe and made it. She is a great cook. I got vegan french toast made with potato flour and tapioca. Oh, my. It was so heavenly. She even looked up the recipe for me and gave it to me. She is so sweet and personable. Eating was not in our own room, but we got our own eating time in the private dining room. People sign up for times 15 minutes apart. When we first got to the dining table, another couple was there and we chatted with them. They left soon after as they were finishing up when we arrived. Sleeping was great. The room temperature is controlled in each room and the bed was very comfortable. The jacuzzi tub was great and it had towel warmers, whough we did not figure out how to work them until it was too late for that. The tub was very large and comfy. It was romantic. We put our votive candles all around it and used our iPod wedding music playlist. My husband thought there was 4″ between the door’s bottom and the floor, so he did not feel like it was private. I did not care. We watched movies in a common room. When we stayed, it was not busy, though, so we did have the dvd, tv, couch and movie room to ourselves. It was a place the hostess goes to, so yo have to be fully dressed for the movie watching. This is a downside to this place. You do not have a private place for watching movies without clothing on. The hostess called around to try to find us a vegan restaurant. She could not find a place. Carlos and Harley’s told her there was nothing vegan there. A year later, we found out that, indeed, Carlos and Harley’s (Huntsville) will make vegan food, and it was good food, too!

4 Valley House Inn, Huntsville, Utah

This place has only 3 rooms to choose from. We picked the room that looked best to us. It had a jacuzzi tub that was medium in size. My husband is tall so he was cramped. It was really too small for him. We only used it once, since it was small for us. I do not blame the owners of the place for making it that small, as, in a bathroom that size, I do not see how they could fit a bigger one. There is a shower, too. We did not try it out. It is very clean. It is very romantic in decor. It did not feel extremely private, like the cabins at Alaskan Inn or like the Anniversary Inn rooms, because there was about 1 inch space between the door’s bottom and the floor. My husband likes no space under the door. The bed was comfortable, but I have a bad back, so it hurt lots after a while. There was a chair in the tiny private dining room, so I sat in that for movie-watching. Movies were via Netflix, so there was a pretty big selection of movies to watch. They did have romantic lighting choices all around the room, which was nice.

I do not think there were any outlets at all that a breastfeeding mom could use and sit next to for pumping. If you are pumping, do not stay here.

3 Alaskan Inn (Cabins) Ogden, Utah

I do not recommend the suites. I think the cabins are better. They are higher priced. However, after a D & C surgery post miscarriage, I had to have a shower, but could not use a jacuzzi, during recovery. The Cascade room is romantic and a small suite with a nice t.v./dvd player combo and a shower. It also has a jacuzzi tub, but we did not use it. It is not as romantic. We could hear the front desk conversations from the room, so it feels less private and secluded. For my needs at the time and to have a shower included, for a low price, it was nice.

The largest cabin is also the least pleasing for vegans, as it includes animal heads on the walls and seems to be all about hunting. My husband reserved it once and I asked to switch to a different cabin because of the hunting-style mounted animal heads, which bothered me. Misti Fjords and the Orca room were great cabins. They were large enough and had jacuzzi tubs and showers. The temperature controls worked to our comfort. The jacuzzi tubs are large, clean, and function very well. One cannot sit on a couch to watch t.v. and movies, but they can watch from the bed or from the chairs at their table. The breakfasts are better for vegans than the ones at Anniversary Inn. Just let them know you are vegan and discuss a meal plan with them. They will customize a meal for you. I love that about Alaskan Inn.

The grounds are beautiful if you go by the river and sit to watch it while you talk. Go on a walk in the surrounding area, too. It is beautiful! Don’t miss eating at The Oaks. The food is great. The scenery is beautiful. The buns are not vegan, but you can get a discount for no bun and no cheese for a lettuce-wrap veggie sandwich there if you insist and tell them a blog writer told you she got the discounts (I did). Eat Outside if the weather permits. If you are awesome at reservation-making, reserve a spot outside and close to the river.

These cabins have chairs with outlets near them, which were great for pumping (for a breastfeeding mom)!

2 Anniversary Inn, Logan, Utah

Make sure you take a tour before you pick a room, or know the sizes of the rooms. If you go in, even if you do not take a tour, there is a map up front of room sizes. You do not want a tiny room. The big ones are better. You want enough space. “Lost in Space,” for example, is cool-looking but so tiny. The bed barely fits in the room it is in and the dvd player/ t.v. is up high, mounted to the wall, and it is a tiny tube t.v. It hurt my neck to look up at it. The table barely held our food. It was so tiny. However, for the same price, Pyramids of Egypt was spacious and nice with a big DVD player and t.v. The jacuzzi tub was not as great as many others. It was large, but when the jets were turned on, they were very loud and a bad smell came from them. The shower did not have hot or warm water. I waited 5 minutes, letting it run, and it was still freezing cold. We could also watch the movies while sitting at the table eating, which is a nice thing. Romeo and Juliet was large, spacious and beautiful. We could watch movies from one of two t.v/DVD units. One was upstairs with the bed. One was downstairs and we could see it from the jacuzzi tub and from the table. However, the heating/a.c. units were not helping us. It was perfect downstairs, but we avoided upstairs until we had to go to sleep, as it was around 85 degrees up there, and the fan could only come on when the light was on. This made it so, even at night, we could not run the fan. Breakfasts are not great. I do not think breakfasts are great at Anniversary Inn. They let you choose what you get, but you only get one think from each group per person. It is not customized or individualized. They did give me cashew milk at my last stay, which is a step up from the past, for vegans! They did not know that Honey-nut Cheerios are not vegan, so they gave me those. I gave them to my husband. There is not much for vegans, for breakfast. I ate some of my leftovers from Rumbi Island Grill for breakfast, with my peppers and onions, which had been defrosted in the micrwave. They are normally in omelettes. I requested them without the omelette. They counted as my meal, and consisted of about 2 oz. of peppers and onions. I put it at number 2 because, for the price, this is definitely a great deal. If you compare the price of the lowest price suites and what you get, to other places, you get more bang for your buck at Anniversary Inn, Logan.

This place was not great for pumping, for a breastfeeding mom, but is pretty okay.

1 Inn on the Hill, Salt Lake City Utah

This is our favorite. The Luxury rooms are awesome. The breakfast is custom-made for you by a gourmet chef who knows all about vegan food. My husband loves eggs, bacon and sausage, and he loved the food, too. It was really good food! It is private and romantic. The bed is very comfortable. The jacuzzi tub had quiet and clean jets. The tub was very clean, with no leftover gunk from previous guests. It was in a very romantic, separate area and had nice inodor plants around it. Snacks out in the hall were free (free candy, granola bars, water, pop cans, and downstairs, free popcorn, herbal teas, cookies, apples, etc.) The DVD player and T.V. worked well and we had comfy seating (not just the bed) for sitting on to watch movies. It is within walking distance of the center of the city. Walking in the avenues uphill is a great workout and the houses are old and unique, so they are fun to look at. The price is very low for what you get, and quite affordable.

This place had a comfortable couch next to outlet with a place to set my pump on, and was great for pumping, as a breastfeeding mom!

Anniversary Inn, Logan: Romeo and Juliet

The Top 7 Reasons to Homeschool

What are your top 7 reasons to continue to homeschool? These are mine. My main reasons have changed over time. I would say now these are my top 7 reasons for continuing to homeschool:

1- So we can all be together more often as a family and have more family time, more family love and more family unity.

2- So I can teach our religion and we can all be closer to God.

3- For my sanity and to keep me happy; For less stress (including because if lack of worry over assigned work deadlines, getting places on time more often and tests)

4- For better college prep & life prep; For my ability to be in charge of the curricula in every subject

5- Because it is my hobby and my career and I love doing it.

6- So my kids can hang out with kids that are not as mean or rude and do not tell as many dirty jokes.

7- So that my kids do not have to hear about the latest trends or even care about them.

Vegan Restaurant Review: Cuppa (Ogden, UT)

My friends told me to come to this place, but it was difficult to find. Their logo, which is the word “cuppa” written in black in lowercase American Typewriter font, is on the brick on the building, very small. It is difficult to spot. There is no lit up sign. There is no big sign. There is no white behind “cuppa” for contrast, which, as a logo designer, I recommend they do next time. Contrast would at least help a bit more! Size would also help. BIGGER! Lit up would help, too. Young Electric Sign Company could help them with that, when they can afford it!

I was not expecting a 100% vegan, 100% certified organic café, but that is what I got. On the back of a gift card they have for people to purchase, it says, “A café for creatives.” There is a great selection of yummy vegan food. I had the Street Tacos, which include jackfruit, with added sprouts. It was yummy. My husband had a Sloppy Joe made with jackfruit, with chips. The chips were vegan barbecue chips, which I assume are Kettle brand (those are vegan) and apple chips. I had some chips. They were good. This was very delicious food.

I snapped some photos for you! Brigham City, Odgen, Layton, Salt Lake and Logan vegans, come check out this café called Cuppa. It’s great! Cuppa is at 552 E. 25th Street in Ogden. It is next to the former Deseret Gym which is also a former part of the original Weber College. It is across the street (to the west) from the Weber County Library System’s Main Branch (currently closed for renovation).

If you are in the Ogden area and are a vegan, please also join our facebook group, “O-Town Vegan.” It is not owned by me but I post there often. It is a great way to connect with local vegans and to find out about grocery stores and restaurants for vegans. If anyone wishes to help us start up an “Anonymous for the Voiceless” for Ogden, please come onto O-Town Vegan on facebook and help us with that. I want to participate in one here in the Ogden area so badly!

Constitution Party of Weber County Caucus Meetings 2018

Please come to the Constitution Part Caucus meeting nearest you at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

To learn more about the party, read about the Seven Principles of the Constitution Party here.

North Ogden, Pleasant Viewm Farr West, Marriott-Slaterville, Harrisville Plain City, north end of Ogden City

North Ogden Elementary School

(south entrance, upstairs in library)

2650 N. 500 E., North Ogden, Utah

Ogden (except northernmost and southernmost parts of Ogden)

Polk Elementary School

(main floor, library)

26th & Polk (1400 E.), Ogden, Utah

South Ogden, Washington Terrace, Uintah, south end of Ogden

Weber County Library, Pleasant Valley Branch

(across from Ogden Regional Medical Center)

5568 Adams Ave., Washington Terrace, Utah

Hooper, West Haven, Taylor, Warren, West Weber

Fielden Residence

5185 S. 6150 W.

Hooper, Utah

Roy and Riverdale

Roy City Hope Community Center

(south entrance, upstairs, Senior Center)

2000 W. 5100 S., Roy, Utah

Huntsville, Eden and Liberty

Weber County Library, Ogden Valley Branch

(library auditorium)

131 S. 7400 E., Huntsville, Utah

Questions? E-mail Reed Miller at reedskeeter at gmail dot com or Lisa Jackson at lisa jackson dot biz at gmail dot com

School Shootings, Social Hierarchy, Cliques, Mean Girls & the Caste System

Homeschooling and Public schooling are so vastly different. One thing homeschooling has on public schooling is, there is no prison-like, prison-inmate-style mob rule democracy environment in homeschooling. People should not be worried about homeschool socialization. Instead, people should be worried about public school socialization, what it is and what it means. Public school socialization makes many people go crazy. It makes kids not want to go to school. I do not blame them.

I remember distinctly the day when, in the beginning of 4th grade, a 5th grade friend of mine told me that I would be in this public school system for 8 more years, and that did not include what I would probably do after that, which would be college. I remember thinking how it was like prison, because we had to stay in that place all day, for most of the year, every year, for many, many, many more years. I remember that I could not wait to get this prison-like torture over with and be free. I was also very sad about how many hears I had left of it. The truth is, a person does not get freedom from the system. When a person is in this society, they are locked into the same social hierarchy system they were locked into in their public school years. The only way to break this system is to rebel against it by homeschooling. The homeschooling movement will save society if it is ever to be saved at all.

This is such a great article. I did read John Taylor Gatto’s book, also. I do agree with all of this article and all of his book. There are the school hierarchies. I went to public school and they existed then. There are the cliques, the people like those in the movie, “Mean Girls,” and a Caste-system style pecking order. They hold up well because everyone feels a need to fall into line. Those at the bottom are kind and good people, more likely to forgive others and apologize, so they do, keeping their place as those at the bottom who apologize apto and forgive those above them.

This was such a great article that I had to put it in my blog. Enjoy!

Great Article on “The Federalist”

I Feel Like a Smooth, Old Mountain Now

As a homeschool mom, I feel solid like a smooth, old mountain now. I do not feel as I did when I was newer to homeschooling. Then, I felt an excitement from the newness and the riskiness of it all. I was rebelling against society’s “normal.” Now, I plug away, doing much of the same day after day, week after week and year after year. I feel the compounding of years of experience and learning. I feel like my older children have a strong, good foundation from many years of steady work on my part, my husband’s part, and their parts. I feel a love and partnership with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost.

I do not feel anxious or worried that my children will not turn out fine. I feel a smooth, soft joy and a love for them which I feel will help me accept whatever life they choose and whatever they become. I do not worry about test scores. They will be taking the ACT and GED tests, but I plan to be pleased with them even if they possibly take a long time to pass the GED and get a score on the ACT which would get them into our local Weber State University. They are great people. They are prepared enough for life for their ages. I am pleased and happy.