Defense of the Traditional Family: Buzzwords and Buzz Phrases to Look Out For

In the book “A Sacred Duty,” about Richard Wilkins’ work influencing the people who helped write international documents in 1996, we find that these are some words and phrases in international documents, and their meanings:

“The right to reproductive health” means “the right to abortion on demand.” The new push (2016) of this movement is not that abortion must be legalized for everyone and for every trimester of pregnancy, but that abortion is what is best for society in most pregnancies. The push is for women to be liberated from any consequence of having sex with a man.

“The rights of the child” is no longer about a child’s protection from abuse, but instead is now about a child’s right to choose, and about the loss of parental rights (1996). This is now (2016) being used to say that a parent must support any gender choice a child makes and must not try to influence the child one way or another about gender or about “sexuality.”

There is a strategic substitution of the word “gender” for the word “sex.” (1996) This was step 1 to the legalization of same-sex marriage worldwide, in every country. I do not know that every country has legalized same-sex marriage. The U.S. has, though (2016). They have now made gender (2016) not a biological thing but a daily or moment-to-moment choice. One can now choose a gender for each moment, based on the preference they have in that moment. Also, there are now over 150 different “genders.” Nobody is allowed to descriminate any of them, which means they want us to learn every detail about each of the 150.

“Various forms of the family exist” meant (1996) same-sex marriage could be allowed. Now (2016) it means in Canada that (see my post about Canada’s new family definitions by law) a family is a group of people who choose to live together and support one another. It is not something by blood relation, marriage or legal adoption. This means they have taken away parental rights and have made marriage mean nothing legally. I am sure it will not be long before this comes to the U.S.A.

Now (2016), the new family-related buzzwords or buzz phrases to look for are many, but here are a few:

“Person” is a replacement for “woman” and “man” and “child.”

“Parent” is a replacement for “mother” and “father.”

U.K. Citizen Surveillance by Government Legalized

Usually things that happen in Great Britain, come here to the U.S., eventually. This is very upsetting news, because it means United Kingdom is losing its freedoms and its citizens are becoming subjects to totalitarianism. This is so horrible. It is my hope that U.K. citizens will fight this and get rid of these horrible new laws.

U.K. Government Electronic Citizen Surveillance Legalized
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Richard Wilkins

Please read this inspiring story of an actor who played Tevye in Fiddler On the Roof and his United Nations heroic miracle.

PDF of the Story Here

Satanistic Worldwide Sexuality Education

Satan’s attack on the family is growing ever present in the entire world with Kinseyan Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Please watch this 35 minute film. If you have a spouse, please watch it with your spouse.

Go, Georgia! Georgia County Says No to Sustainability Monies!

Oh, my. Good piece! Georgia county refuses federal funds for Sustainability! Balanced neighborhoods are the aim. ICLEI and Agenda 21 are all about control. The means is the changing of U.S. Laws and BRIBERY with MONEY. What will you do for federal cash? Will you give up freedom? Will you accept FASCISM?

     The means for moving into fascism is bribery with money. It is federal law changes and communities taking federal monies for improvement and development. HUD enforcement is one of the things they are doing. Another is to combine transportation and housing improvement into one category when the senate gives out money. With that, they have new laws which make sure there are certain percentages making this much money and certain percentages making that much money, in each neighborhood, for economic balance in every neighborhood. There wil be an end to rich neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods and even middle class ones. They will all be federally balanced neighborhoods. Not only that, but if there are already enough people of one race in a neighborhood, they will not let someone new of that race come in. The cities are bound to this by contract if they take the federal monies to improve their neighborhoods. 

The STEM Craze: What it Does to Our Kids

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I am no psychologist, but anyone can think about things. This is what I think. I think STEM is a bad idea. I think it does something really bad to our kids.

     First, it harms the kids who are good at and who love, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by making them less unique. How can they stand out from the kids who are really amazing at other things if the children meant to be artists are now choosing STEM (because of the push)? How can the kids who would naturally have gone into STEM fields anyway, feel as unique and special as they would have in the past, when there was no STEM push for all children?

     Second, it harms all the kids who would naturally chose to focus on other fields of study. I know your argument would be that there is extra education in STEM but that does not mean kids cannot get extra education in other areas. I agree. That is so true. My kids are homeschooled, so I know that they can find the other things they need. What I am worried about is that this focus on STEM makes the children who would naturally love other things, feel that their other things are not worthy, not as good, valueless, unimportant, frivolous and so forth. That is simply not true, but it is exactly what this STEM focus is telling our kids (and their parents and teachers).

     I wanted to say something about why the STEM focus is happening. The reason for it is talked about in John Taylor Gatto’s book, “The Underground History of American Education.” He did not talk about STEM because it did not exist then, but he did talk about a focus on technology, science and math. He said the purpose was for those to replace Christian beliefs. See, the evil elite have always had Christian beliefs in the way. Children are always being taught by their parents and then go to school with their Christian beliefs. It upsets the evil elite that they have not been able to find a way to eradicate and completely erase the Christian beliefs from children! 

     One issue they have with this is that we, the people, still want the dollar bill to say, “In God We Trust” and we still believe that we get our rights not from the government, but from God. It also causes a problem for them which is that we know we must answer to Jesus Christ at judgement day (not to a government)! It was much easier in ancient Egypt for the Pharaohs, because the people believed the Pharaoh was a God! We do not believe that the U.S. President is a God. This creates a big problem for them, that we are more likely to say that we will answer to God and not to the government.

     They are hoping  that this STEM push will have the teachers feeling pressed to teach STEM more and better (they have classes for and raises for, teachers who study STEM to teach it better). Teachers are already not allowed to mention God or Jesus in schools or even after school to their students. They are hoping that the STEM scholarships offered will make kids nearing graduation to focus more on STEM and less on God. They want the parents, who need help from the scholarship money, too, to encourage their children to focus on STEM. They want us to break the commandment that says, “Thou Shalt Have No Other God Before Me,” with the STEM focus and many other focuses, too. They just want to come between you and God and between your children and God.

     There is another reason, too. History is so important. We can learn from the past about freedom and types of government. They do not want us to care about this. History is not in STEM and is not on the ACT test. The College Board does not really care how well you score in history enough to put it on that test. If you think not very hard, though, you will see two reasons why they do not want us to focus on history. See, for one, if we trust the history books then we could easily say that the Bible is a history book and contradicts the science “facts” they have for us. They do not want us to consider the Bible to be true by any means. I am teaching my daughter CLEP Western Civilization I. The CLEP tests are also authored by the College Board. Western Civilization I makes sure not to include in history anything from the bible, so I have been researching and adding history from the bible into the margins. I also have been teaching my kids the Old Testament for a few years.

     I am reading in 2 Kings for my personal daily study. One thing that stands out is that God chooses the kings and the prophet tells the kings what to do. If the kings do not obey, God punishes the kings. It repeats like a broken record and has been doing so since 1 Kings. I think God repeats this over and over because He wants us to know this is the way it has always been and is the way it will always be. He wants us to know that there are no exceptions to this rule. What would this do to the Western Civilizations I history the evil elite want us to learn? It would teach our kids to obey God. That is the opposite of what they want our kids to learn. They want our kids to learn a history that does not include God, as if He is not a part of what happened in the past at all. This would make the children believe He will also have no part in the future. The evil elite cannot have this. It will make them less powerful. They want more respect and power, not less.

      The Second reason they do not want you to know or care as much about history is because if you believe it and know about it, you may be willing to rebel against then the way that people did in history. We may expect things from government. We may think of government representatives as our employees and not as our rulers. This would not be good for the evil elite. People have to learn less history for the evil elite to have their way. People must not know about the 1100 charter, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Bill of Rights. They must not know that one form of government is a “Constitutional Republic.” (This is not taught in schools. Ask a public schooled kid and he or she will tell you that our form of government is a DEMOCRACY, not a constitutional republic).

     Another important area is the arts. We have photographers, sculptors, fashion designers, playwrites, actors, stage crew, set designers, dancers, musicians, songwriters, composers, singers, choreographers, visual artists, designers, architects who work mainly from the creative side, writers of fiction, philosophers, inventors, dreamers and more. These can thwart the plans of any government. I know what Picasso’s “Guernica” painting is about and I would not normally care about a tiny piece of the history of Spain. Without that painting, nobody today would know about nor care about what the country’s ruler chose to do which killed many of his own innocent people in a tiny town. Artists can say amazing things with their art. “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” was a play and a book. It had much influence on many people. The other areas of the arts have just as much power and pull. They make people think about things in a whole new light. They are the great teachers the evil elite wish to “snuff out” by telling them that these fields of study or these passions are not valuable as a contribution to society. How do they do this? They only have to focus everything on STEM so that children get the message loud and clear. We may think it is not the message. Oh, it is. The kids are getting the message. If you don’t believe me, ask a kid who is in public school. Ask then what a visual art piece can do that a scientific theory cannot do. My guess is, they will not know. My guess is, they will say that the art piece cannot DO anything–It just sits there. This, our nation is doing to children that belong to YOU and others around you.

     I am a visual artist, so I was in a facebook group for visual art teachers. I saw much about the way visual art teachers are treated in schools. In secondary schools, some art teachers are given a custodial closet in which to store their art supplies for their classes. Some are given a section in a restroom, which means sometimes the supplies are missing when they are needed. This messes up the lesson plans, which they must make either in their office, which is the same location where they store supplies, or in their own home. However, funding for STEM teachers is very high. What does this do? It limits the ability of the art teachers in school to do well at teaching their subject. I did not hear from teachers or the other arts, but I am sure their plight is about the same. Not only does this discourage teachers, but it shows the students that this career of “art teacher” is as lowly as can be. There will be no respect from the students for a teacher whose office is a space next to the potty.

     What of the althletes? How much focus is being taken away from P.E.? About the same. Though I know little about it, I have heard that this is happening and id does not surprise me at all. First, we had President Bush pushing no child left behind (did that focus on P.E., or even give P.E. the time of day? No. Nope, nope). The next things have been common core and ESEA or ESSA. Those push testing link crazy. The pressure is not only on the kids, but on the teachers, the principles, the district and the states. This takes away from the focus on excercise. In a local district her, Ogden district, a little bit back, they took 2 of 3 recess times away from the kids in the public schools, so that the kids could stay inside and study more, or do more practice testing for the tests, which are many. Why? The results of the tests decide which schools and teachers get the most money. It’s all about money.

     Michelle Obama’s focus on nutrition and excercise cannot combat this obsession with money. What you don’t likely know is this. The Feds created a dependency on free money for schools. Then President Obama took the money away in 2008 and said, now this same money you have just gotten for nothing every year since 1965, you will only get if you do what I say. This gives him more power. Do not tell me he does not know what he is doing. He does and he is doing it as a puppet in the hands of his evil elite masters.

     One of the many latest (year 2016) of these “now do this,” commands is that every public school and public charter school shich receives money from the Federal Government must have restrooms, locker rooms, showers and the like, which are either unisex, or are labeled so that none of the 100 sexes that there officially are now, could possibly be offended. Then they must let anyone shower with anyone because that is politically correct. I advised here on my blog for my state to just do without the funding, but alas, not enough people read my post. The state of Utah decided to comply, so unisex restrooms are everywhere. “Unisex” seems to me to mean “belonging to the one and only sex,” as in, “we agree that restroom is for the one sex, which everyone is.” This is the belief of the people who worship satan. Satan wishes us to believe that there are no distictions. He wishes us to see that there is no difference in us. We are all just “people” and all people are the same. I wrote an earlier article about an abortion doctor, an OBGYN in Salt Lake City, who always refers to the pregnant as “pregnant people” instead of what from her point of view, is a very offensive “pregnant women.” This LGBTQ agenda is all about destroying the family. 

     The Pro-Choice or Pro-Abortion media focus now is on women being the same as men, in that men cannot have their careers disrupted by pregnancy and neither should women. Men can be promiscuous and have no pregnancy happen in their bodies. They want women to demand equality with the men in this way. Their solution is abortion. Their aim is to de-value the family. It has been since the mid 1800s. There can be no mothers. There can be no fathers. We all must be “humans” and the government must “breed us” according to their needs and desires. This way of thinking is pure evil but is fluorishing today, everywhere.

     There is now a bill in congress which has much clout, which says that in order that there be equality, our law should not say that men at age 18 must sign up for the military draft. It should instead say that all persons aged 18 must sign up for the military draft. ‘Don’t worry,’ they will say, ‘Women will not have to stay home and care for children. Women will not have to worry about pregnancy. There is always abortion. The state can always care for the children. No problem.’

“One” Video


Oligarchy: The Social Order in a School

Today is one of those days. Housework is the goal today, with a lot of laundry to fold, hang and put away. Two of the kids did the sweeping. We also worked on mopping. Most of the “we” was me, but I had “help,” meaning people getting put mops, slopping water, having fights over mops and getting their clothes wet.

I am past page 300 now on the 392 page “The Underground History of American Education.” This book would drive any person crazy with anger about the school system and is doing that to me. Since I am a homeschool mom, I am mostly angry about what it did to my parents, to me, and what it does to the ones I love who are in the school system. However, it also just makes me angry because I can see what it does to all society. I can see how everyone is tricked and duped.

I can also see the reactions of people to the system, which are mostly efforts to “beat the system,” but some of which are efforts just to survive the system, or efforts to rise to the top of the system by becoming part of the Oligarchy. The school system is a large system, but every school has an oligarchy, a government by group. This group is not a group of superintendent, district professionals, principal or teachers. It is a group of kids made up of the elite who run the parties and have the money, and the psychopathic kids who are the bullies. This group will usually control the school while they are in it, the professionals allowing them to do it. After all, it is the only way the professionals can keep the Oligarchy happy with them, and being polite enough to the professionals (a facade). The teachers have a set of rules for the majority and another set for the Oligarchy. They allow them to do nearly whatever they want because they are afraid of what may happen if they do not “let it slide.” They know how to “pick their battles.”

Reading this makes me recall my own school days. I was not in the Oligarchy, as you may have guessed. I was one of the students who just fought for survival by trying not to stand out or be noticed, and definitely not to upset any of the members of the Oligarchy. I knew that the school system was a social order, as did everyone. I knew how to keep my place. Walking home was sometimes scary, so I knew that walking home with the masses held the only hope of survival. Staying after school was risking my life, because walking home without the group was a guarantee I would meet up with the bullies. Getting a smile or a wave from one of the elite was always cool, but I knew never to supose they were now a friend.

I remember telling my mom once in a grocery store parking lot that I knew there were certain kids I could never have among my friends because they were among the elite. I did not use the word “elite.” I think I used the words “rich kids.” Elite is the word adults use today to describe “rich kids” of the world. My mom told me that was ridiculous and I could have among my friends anyone I wanted. I immediately knew after that, not to talk to her about it because I knew she had no idea how well-established the caste-system style set up of the social order of my school was. It is possible that she suffered such a system in her youth but had no idea about it–could not put it into words. Somehow she thought innocently that it could not possibly be so for me in my youth.

This is something interesting. Many parents believe that the school they send their kids to is a GOOD SCHOOL. It is better thatthe system THEY suffered. It is in a better city, a better neighborhood or with a better set of kids. If you are among these, I would encourage you to go chaperone a junior high high school dance or walk the halls when kids are switching classes or going to lunch, and observe carefully. I have not done this, but I am sure you would see that the same social order that existed when you were in school, also exists at this, your very own child’s school, even though the neighborhood was hand-picked by you when buying a house.  I am sure you have your blinders on because my mom did when I was in school. I know she meant well. She meant to tell me not to put limits on myself. She just did not understand how strong the caste system was at my school.

When I became an adult I thought I was out of the system, but in every job, there was a system much the same. Even at my wonderful corporate job as a graphic designer, it existed. People I thought I could trust in this corporate world, I should not have trusted. I learned, and over the years I became a small business owner. It is definitely a better world to own and run your own business. I recommend it unless you have children to raise as a mom (in which case I don’t).

Here are many of the different stratgies I have observed. These are tools parents use from the birth of their child and up, to help their kids deal with the system in junior high and high school and try to beat it, govern it or just survive it:

  1. Train their child to be on the drill team, be cheerleaders or be star athletes.
  2. Train their child to be an academic star. 
  3. Train their child to be a star in the band or choir.
  4. Train their child in martial arts hand-to-hand combat so he or she will not have problems with the bullies.
  5. Train their child to “be nice to everyone and be friends with everyone.”
  6. Train their child to “run for office.”
  7. Train their child to be average, to be below average (not stand out) or to be above average in all of the above (in other words, train their kids to “fit in” the social order).
  8. Train their child to be one of the elite, or use the strategies from number 9 to make sure their child becomes one of the elite.
  9. Train their child to be friends with the elite, or make sure that from the beginning of life, the child is in the right play groups, lessons, preschools, neighborhood and birthday parties so that they will be friends with the elite.
  10. Train their child to be a member of the Oligarchy, perhaps by using the same strategies in number 10 but also, by teaching the child to do whatever it takes to get whatever they want, to fight physically, etcetera.
  11. Train their child to be friends with the Oligarchy, or make sure that from the beginning of life, the child is in the right places at the right times to become friends with the future members of the Oligarchy.

I do not know whether parents train their kids for numbers 8 or 10, but I really suspect, as do the writers of the series “Back to the Future,” that it sometimes “runs in the family.”

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is one of the stressors my children do not have to deal with in the education arena most of the time, although in little league and church, they do because it is there, too. I hope you noticed “most of the time,” because it is in homeschool social circles, too! Yep!

30 Simple Requests the Evil Eugenics Elitists Ask of You

There are some things you can do to help your community and your world. This list will be a great start.

  • Forget your family.
  • Forget God.
  • Forget the whole “Bible” thing. 
  • Forget your culture. Your culture is upsetting everyone.
  • Having Opinions makes you dumb.
  • Be smart. The things you learn in school are all the rage. 
  • Cooperate. Get along with everyone. Make everyone feel comfortable.
  • The community comes first. The needs of the community are the important things.
  • A good citizen is a person who helps the community. Your community is your family.
  • A good citizen tattles.
  • Die. There are too many of you.
  • Stop having babies. Abortion is available. Do it.
  • Go work in a job which helps build our corporations. Your community needs you!
  • Nobody who is not of the perfect race and who is lacking a perfect body, should live.
  • Moms need to be in the workforce. We will raise the kids. Don’t worry. That is our job anyway, not mom’s.
  • Kids, your parents hate you. Hate them back.
  • Kids, your siblings hate you. Hate them back.
  • Kids, grandparents and great-grandparents are boring. Don’t listen to them. They know nothing.
  • Kids, history is in the past. Concern yourself not with the past, but with your own personal future.
  • Kids, what career will be the perfect fit for you? How can you best help us?
  • Parents, what can you do to prepare your kids to take their helpful places in our society? Prepare your kids for a career!
  • Parents, what test scores and grades are your kids getting? Grades and test scores are the most important parts of your child’s success.
  • Your lives are all about working for us, in corporations. Life is NOT about families.
  • You do not have enough. You are not satisfied. What do you want to buy next?
  • Don’t read old books. They are old. Old means obsolete and unimportant.
  • Only trust people with a diploma from an accredited school. Accredited means approved by us! 
  • Wild animals need to be in their original habitats. Don’t worry. Bears and wolves do not kill humans.
  • Those who live in extremely small homes are the best people! The smaller the better! 
  • Those who give their land to the Federal Government are the happiest. You do not need a piece of earth. 
  • It is o.k. that people gather data on you. Who cares? You aren’t doing something wrong!
  • The television and the newspapers have the truth in them. Those “other” sources are conspiracy theorists. Conspiracy theorists are people who sit and eat potato chips all day. They are idiots.

These elitists are worried about non-violent extremists. The above list will help you not to be one! So will This New American article.