40 Year Old Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with Large Family Trying to Get to a Healthy Weight

I have a large family. I have a large family for a Utah Mormon (not just for a city-dwelling New-York City resident or Hollywood movie star, because their definitino of a large family is not mine). I am vegan. I have been pregnant and breatfeeding for what feels like half of my life. I am 40. I wake up early, not to excercise, but to take my daughter to her early morning homeschool seminary class.

I try hard to eat right. I just barely skim the surface of having a habit of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. I try to eat healthy foods, but it is tough to find time to prepare something healthy when our lives are so busy.

I try to find time to exercise. I just cannot find it. O.k., so I know where it is. It is right there when my husband gets home, gives me the chance to go to the gym, and I hear my preschooler bawling at the top of his lungs about his hunger, my husband says to ignore him, and I make him something to eat, following which my husband leaves and my was-gonna-be-tending-while-I-went-to-the-gym son throws a fit, begging me to let off on the homeschool assignments for the week so that he can play on the wii. The screaming, throwing things and bawling from the torture of the immensity of the assignments is so great that I do not go to the gym. I stay home and my husband gets back and tries go help us through the rough patch. Then I make a vegan dinner for only myself and am too exhausted (and it is too late at night) to go to the gym.

This is just one day in the life of the Utah Mormon Vegan Homeschool Mom with a Large Family who is trying to lose 30 lbs. and thus reach a healthy weight. I tell you, I am sick to death of all the blog posts and youtube videos I find with women who have 2 kids and send them to school during the day, then tell me how they lost all the baby weight in 6 weeks.  am also sick of all the “you need animal protein” lies out there, written by weight-loss gurus who are not vegan!

“Thou shalt not covet” the women who lose baby weight in under a year. Seriously, the toughest commandment out there. Arghhhhh!

I seriously cannot be the only one! I hate feeling alone. I do not expect to find someone just exactly in my situation, but a bunch of groupies close to it would be nice. A support group would help immensely. There have to be vegan homeschool moms out there with large families, and who also large bellies like mine that have not gone away when the baby is a preschooler!

If you are one and have found this post, please comment. I need a support network of women who know what I am going through! Advice about exercise would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Defense of the Traditional Family: Buzzwords and Buzz Phrases to Look Out For

In the book “A Sacred Duty,” about Richard Wilkins’ work influencing the people who helped write international documents in 1996, we find that these are some words and phrases in international documents, and their meanings:

“The right to reproductive health” means “the right to abortion on demand.” The new push (2016) of this movement is not that abortion must be legalized for everyone and for every trimester of pregnancy, but that abortion is what is best for society in most pregnancies. The push is for women to be liberated from any consequence of having sex with a man.

“The rights of the child” is no longer about a child’s protection from abuse, but instead is now about a child’s right to choose, and about the loss of parental rights (1996). This is now (2016) being used to say that a parent must support any gender choice a child makes and must not try to influence the child one way or another about gender or about “sexuality.”

There is a strategic substitution of the word “gender” for the word “sex.” (1996) This was step 1 to the legalization of same-sex marriage worldwide, in every country. I do not know that every country has legalized same-sex marriage. The U.S. has, though (2016). They have now made gender (2016) not a biological thing but a daily or moment-to-moment choice. One can now choose a gender for each moment, based on the preference they have in that moment. Also, there are now over 150 different “genders.” Nobody is allowed to descriminate any of them, which means they want us to learn every detail about each of the 150.

“Various forms of the family exist” meant (1996) same-sex marriage could be allowed. Now (2016) it means in Canada that (see my post about Canada’s new family definitions by law) a family is a group of people who choose to live together and support one another. It is not something by blood relation, marriage or legal adoption. This means they have taken away parental rights and have made marriage mean nothing legally. I am sure it will not be long before this comes to the U.S.A.

Now (2016), the new family-related buzzwords or buzz phrases to look for are many, but here are a few:

“Person” is a replacement for “woman” and “man” and “child.”

“Parent” is a replacement for “mother” and “father.”

The New Legal Definition of Family

It will not be long before this is so worldwide, in every country. The word “Parent” is to replace the words “Mother” and “Father” in Ontario, Canada. The family will be defined not by blood or adoption, but by child choice. 

Source link.

Dear spiritual brothers and sisters in Canada, I want to let you know that INFLUENCE is a greater power than anyone thinks and God-loving, Traditional-family-loving people everywhere can stand up and defend the traditional family and still make a difference. They can only g as far as the people let them go!

De-Cluttering: State What You Want A Space to Become!

Yesterday my mom said to me, “I need this to be a play area for the grandkids for Thanksgiving!” She started out by stating what dreams she had for that particular space. That is a big thing I learned from her. Instead of just de-junking, I need to envision what I really want to do wit my house and with each room and with each space. This will help me to turn this into the house and life I love and what we need for this time in our lives.

I was at my mom’s and helped her de-junk one large corner of one room. One thing she said was she just has to get rid of “just a little” or “just a few” at a time because then my dad (who likes to keep everything) will not notice. I have to do this in my home, too. I think the more you have, the less each bag dejunked, will be missed. However, my mom really only got rid of about four feet cubed of stuff. She knows she cannot eliminate more than that in a day, or it will be noticed. I know that I can eliminate about a bag from each room each time I do ot and it will not get noticed. We have many rooms though, so I cannot do more than about two rooms in each session of decluttering.

We also discussed our strategies of getting it done fast and taking it away from the house (to charity or something) immediately and before our husbands get home so that they will not know or notice. She said at one point, “He won’t know becuase he doesn’t even know these things exist.” Amen to that. It is the same way here. She also said at one point, “Look, I gained this much space!” Isn’t that inspirational!

This helping my mom was very inspirational and motivational for me. I got rid of two bags today and took them to charity. I feel so inspired that I want to find more to get rid of. 

The Worldwide Family Declaration

This is the Worldwide Family Declaration. I have signed it because I agree with it!Please read this. If you agree with is, please:

-sign it

-tell me you signed it in the comments

-share it with others in a way that will not cause anger

-promote it in your communities