Controversy About Light Pollution in Ogden Valley, in Utah

Light Pollution policy. Some Ogden Valley residents are very upset. Gage Froerer of Huntsville says it takes away Freedoms. Commissioner Kerry Gibson voted against the new laws. article Propoganda about preserving darness in Ogden Valley (the Standard loves Agenda 21 Sustainability Propoganda)

Weber County Commission Public Meeting about new lighting policy for residents of Ogden Valley
First, a look at the Agenda 21 worldwide propoganda making people hate lights in cities at night:

An article about how darkness does not make us less safe

2012, Photographer Imagines Wold Cities Without Light Pollution

U.K. Sustainable Environment Article on Light Pollution

Valencia, Spain is Too Well-Lit at Night

Naughty Tucson, Arizona! Cities are Lit up at Night! So wrong!

Next, look at reasons why electric lights in the cities are good and not having them would be bad:

Life Before Electric Lights

Wall Street Journal says Los Angeles uses lights to fight crime!

Memphis businesses and homes without electricity are targeted during power outtage

Now, a look at which organization made the rules. This is an un-elected body. This is taxation without representation, in my opinion.

The Wasatch Front Regional Council

What Are Agenda 21 and ICLEI: A Crash Course

ICLEI in Utah

Utah, We Love ❤️ Thee. Keep Local, Local

The above things about light pollution control may not bother you. However, if you put the above, with these things here, you may out one and one together and see that this is just one piece of the puzzle of communist world government control and the taking away of your liberty!

RFID Chips for Human Implantation (and Tracking)

RFID Chips and Tracking of Guns and People

LDS Leader Elder Christofferson says freedom of Association and Assembly are at stake, BSA meeting

Popular Mechanics Article: Your Car is Spying on You, But For Whom?

Post Sustainability Institute Article on Agenda 21 and What will be under the control of the United Nations

NWO (New World Order) Conspiracy or Fact?

Is the idea of a New World Order (NWO) a conspiracy theory or is it indeed a reality? Read this article. Watch the video footage. Decide for yourself.

NWO Real or Conspiracy?

“One” Video


Get U.S. Out of United Nations

Bill Introduced: Get the U.S. out of the United Nations

Support HR 1205

Amen to that motion! Amen!

U.N. 2015 Goals

2015 Goals Made all Pretty and Rainbowy For You! propoganda video

Goals outlined

This gives me the evil chills you get when you know Satan is in charge of something you are looking at. 

“Sustainability” is a New Word

     In the beginning of our nation, states used to be called “nation-states.” In fact, in the beginning, they made treaties with foreign governments. Then the others said that was wrong and it stopped, for a time. However, that wrong thing is back. Communities now sign contracts with what they think is just a simple cause for loving the earth, but which is a contract with a corporation in a foreign country. See, now, although states in the nation cannot make contracts with foreign countries, they can make contracts with non-profits and “NGO’s.” N.G.O. stands for non-governmental organization. These, people feel, are better and more loving, Christlike and sweet like syrup. However, some of them are the most evil entities on this earth and people are falling for it.

     At your University, at your library, in your city building codes, you will learn about “codes.” Where do these “building codes” come from? Why must we have a certain number of trees? Why must there be two levels? Why must housing be on top of the businesses? You do not vote about these things. You know that. The building contractors did not make the rules. They have to follow them. Where do these “codes” come from. If you have a business built in the city now, in the nice, new areas where new businesses are built (like the Junction in Ogden, The Gateway in Salt Lake and whatever that is in Farmington), you must have two levels now. This is a code that your city did not come up with. Who did? Why, the NGO that your city made a contract with in exchange for money. Sustainability money. See, if your city or University cares about and loves the earth, it will sign a contract to get lots of money–that taxpayers will not have to pay! Taxes will not go up. Business license costs will not go up! Yet your city will get a new fire station! Or that river which was too expensive to uncover for beautification, you can now uncover! Now, even with a bad economy and many out of work, there is money taxpayers do not even have to pay. Yay, right? 

     But it is a trick. Money has to come from somewhere. Where did you get 10 million dollars for a nice city center or new fire station all of the sudden? Why are our communities suddenly looking so nice and pretty? It is not because your economy improved. It is not because businesses just have more money. It is because ICLEI signed a contract with your community. ICLEI is part of the United Nations and its headquarters are in Bonn, Germany. It is a non-governmental organization (which makes it so I can have my business or a non-profit or a University or a city, in a contract with them (even though they are in a foreign country).

     This ICLEI made a contract with your city or University or small business or small non-profit, without your knowledge and they gave (your city) money. What is wrong with free money from the United Nations? Well, it is this. That contract is where the “codes” come from. California is now in big trouble. They were the first to sign contracts with ICLEI. ICLEI told them, no more man-made reservoirs years ago, so they had to get rid of them. They had to get rid or the dams. California is changing from green and lush, to dry and barren. This is called “Sustainability.” It is called “putting the earth before God.” (Against one of the 10 Commandments).      ICLEI says we must have local plant life which is indigenous. ICLEI says we must let wild animals who kill humans and domestic animals have more freedom and space to roam. We must not harm them in self-defense. We must allow them to be where they were originally, and in the populationnumbers they had originally in our area. More land must be taken from people. It must be given to the Federal Government. The Federal Government gets money to improve the land from ICLEI. Improving it means letting wildlife take it over. It means humans cannot live there. It means more land controlled by the United Nations. Through emanent domain, which is in the constitution since the 1950’s, the afederal Government or your city or your county, can take your land. You sort of own it. Owning it now means the government is allowing you to live there and pay for it temporarily, until it is needed (by ICLEI).

     If this is true, then why is it not on the news on the television? Why is it not in the local newspaper? Oh, but it is! You just have not noticed before. Now you will! I have opened your eyes.

     Next time you see something about trouble and a dispute at a city counsel meeting or about YET ANOTHER city official giving up office, you will maybe think about this. Next time you hear about your University having to build yet another building which “has to be up to code,” maybe you will ask, “what codes?” and ask where the codes come from. You may have to do a little digging. Be like the Boxcar children or the Scooby Doo team. Be like Encyclopedia Brown or Nancy Drew. Be a detective. Be an investigator. Keep asking and asking until you get to the bottom of it.      I assure you that you will end up at a place called “sustainability office.” This is ICLEI. It is a local ICLEI office.
     I.C.L.E.I. stands for “International Counsel for Local Environmental Initiatives.” The word international had to be hidden and so did the acronym “ICLEI” for obvious reasons. It would bother people. That is why they invented the new word: “Sustainability.” Do you find the word “sustainable” in novels from the 1700s or 1800s? Was it in the dictionary in the 1950’s? Was it part of our vocabulary? When did you first hear the words “sustainable” and “sustainability?” When did your University’s “Sustainability Office” first come to be? When was your county “sustainability counsel” or “sustainability officer” come to exist for the first time?

     Where did the word “blighted” come from? When did it come to be? What makes something considered to be “blighted?” Ponder this.

     I am going to leave you with those questions and I am pleading with you to ponder them. I am begging you to notice the “wild lands project,” bicycle lanes, smart meters, smart buses, air quality organizations, city counsel problems, the words “sustainable” and “sustainability,” emanent domain, and the word “blighted.” If you do not believe that they are controlled by the United Nations, then do some detective work.

Fear, Anxiety Attacks and The Savior Jesus Christ.

You see that title? I am going to open with this statement. Satan has an outright lie that you are believing. I know because SO MANY PEOPLE have WARNED ME. They have said, “Do not dwell on these things. Satan wants you to be bogged down by this,” and such statements as “contention is of the devil.” Right. Jesus should not have contended with the devil during his fast, because contention is of the devil. Ha ha. Good one, satan. You got a lot of people with that philosophy of yours mixed with a scripture reference!

Hymn: “Shall the Youth of Zion Falter?”

     This hymn asks us whether we shall falter (fail) in defending Truth and Right. It asks us, while Satan is doing well in the fight, shall we shrink (cower, hide, pretend we do not stand up for what we believe on our facebook page) or shun the fight? Are some shunning the fight? “I do not believe in contention or hate,” they may say, “I believe in peace.” They say this and honestly believe that Jesus is pleased that they are shunning the fight. Most use as an excuse for shunning the fight, “I do that in real life, but not on facebook.” Oh, really? What, in church, in your primary lesson? While sitting in Relief Society among saints? In Family Home Evening to your family (but only those family members who believe as you do)? I doubt you are telling your rainbow-faced friend what you believe, face to face. So, when then, do you do this “defending truth and right?” if not on facebook or face-to-face to your rainbow-faced facebook friends?

     Satan has a lie for all of you which you love to hear from him and his legions, which whisper to you, because it removes all responsibility from your hands. His lie comes like these. I will follow each lie with God’s truth.

Satan’s lie: “Maybe SHE can handle this socio-political stuff, but IT would give YOU anxiety and depression.”

God’s truth: The truth is, this “socio-political” knowledge and involvement do not cause the anxiety attack. NOT PRAYING causes the anxiety attack. As you learn this, pray constantly. I guarantee you, you will feel peace, even with all the knowledge and involvement.

Satan’s lie: “You will have to give up too much family time.”

God’s truth: “Give up t.v. time instead of giving up family time.” Benjamin Franklin: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”

Satan’s lie: “People who get involved in politics are filled with fear. They need to stop doing that and focus on the Lord.”

God’s truth: In the Book of Mormon, Moroni, in Ether chapter 8, told us, the followers of Christ, not to allow secret combinations to get the upper hand. Just read the whole chapter. It rocks! President Benson told us we must not let communism sweep away our freedoms and warned a very long time ago that if we did not get involved, communism would take over and we would lose our freedoms and our liberty. He said socialism was already in the nation back then. Can you imagine now? Now, it is not just in the government. It makes up the government. In short, secret combinations do have the upper hand now. Do you think God is O.k. with your ignoring that? I don’t.

Satan’s lie: Social media should not be used to talk about religion or socio-political issues. It is separate from real life.

God’s truth: “I see your works.” God sees what you do and do not do, even on social media. Social media should be used to flood the earth with the gospel. We can use social media to bear our testimonies, stand up for the Prophet and the apostles, stand for truth and righteousness, sustain our general authorities, and flood the earth with the Book of Mormon, as President Benson told us to do. Elder Bednar said all this about social media and flooding. He said we are trickling. He wants not a trickle, but a flood. Look it up!

     You get in the internet and read and watch it. You just don’t know the real stuff. The really important decisions of the entire world are happening less than 5 minutes away, where your city counsel is controlled by a United Nations entity located in Bonn, GERMANY.

     Two of the four powers have too much power. These are the judicial and the executive branches of government. Congress and individual states need to TAKE BACK THEIR ORIGINAL POWER. When our constitution was written, we had 13 separate, sovreign states unite. Now we have 50 nothings unit ed. 50 nothings. Utah means nothing. It is just a meaningless thing.

     In the beginning, the states had a hard time with the idea of uniting, because they were sure that the federal, central powers would take over and take the sovreignity (independence) from each state. They wanted to control what happened in their respective states. Each state wanted MOST decisions made CLOSE TO HOME, by each state. They wanted independence for each state, with a tiny bit of unity with other states. This was the reason for the 10th ammendment, which, now, people like my facebook friends, have completely forgotten because many of them never liked local decisions anyway. They like decisions made far away in Washington, D.C.

     In closing I would like to say, no, you do not have to make this something that you ignore because it sets your heart aflutter and may give you a heart attack. It is not going to give you anxiety attacks or nightmares. Why? Well, simple. You will keep your eyes on the Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray to Heavenly Father about peace and comfort. You can fight against satan while still feeling no fear, and at peace. I do and I am fine. It is Satan’s lie that tells you to stay out of political knowledge because it will give you anxiety and a heart attack, or will raise your blood pressure. The truth is, it only will if you try to do this WITHOUT GOD’S DAILY HELP! But you need that right now, anyway! So what will change? Not so much. You will just know more. God did not say to avoid knowledge of socio- political things. Satan wants you to think so. He wants you to think knowing these things makes you evil or fearful. I am tired of hearing that lie. It is simply not true. I am not in fear. I am at peace with the knowledge of our Savior and a loving, caring God. 

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